Life in Kansas City – Getting Past Another Winter

It’s Super Bowl Sunday 2018 and yet again the Kansas City Chiefs did not make it out of the first round of playoffs.  We are due for a trip to the big game. Len Dawson quarterbacked the Chiefs in Super Bowl one in 1967. The team took the trophy home  in 1970 during Super Bowl four which is the last time we have been to the Super Bowl as a team.  Lenny is still alive and an approachable guy. Team Owner Lamar Hunt was the driving force behind organization of the American Football League in 1959. He founded the Dallas Texans in 1960 and moved the team to Kansas City in 1963. I did not know that until I looked his biography up. Lamar spearheaded the merger negotiations with the National Football League. Hunt’s son owns the team today. If you have ever been to the Chief’s Stadium you know there is little doubt our title as the loudest outdoor stadium in the world is well earned. Opposing teams have a hard time communicating as the crowd noise is just over 142 decibels at the field level. In comparison, the deck of an aircraft carrier has sound levels at 140 decibels while a jet taking off 25 meters away is at 150. I’ve been to games where fans stood for most of the game, making it easier for the fan behind you to beat on the back of your chair. It was disappointing this year for the city. When the Royals recently had a couple years of success it surely was nice to see the citizens of our town come together. I think their behavior shifted for a time because they were proud to be from our town. Weird how that works.

On the work front, we were able to move into new office space.  We had been living in temporary quarters which was a large training center. Our new space has room for expansion. Although our individual workstations are small, the space is better used.  They have added a break area and larger conference table in an open area, centered between our workstations. We tend to work a lot of weird hours and it’s not uncommon for the group to gather around the table in the middle of the night to take a break.  I think the space helps build a team environment and it’s nice to have a change of view which makes us more productive.

Oh, and truly not to be bragging, but I was surprised to receive my divisions Deputy of the Year Award.  I’ll add that to the other two yearly awards hanging from my wall.  It’s a nice feeling to know there is no damage done after I announced I’d be leaving in 2019.  I got to thinking the other day while on what could have been a difficult assignment. One thing about getting older and more experienced at work is things tend to come easier. Been there, done that a hundred times kind of thing. Wish I could leave that feeling of confidence behind in the minds of the younger folks. I’m trying to do my best to get them up to speed, passing along what I know if their willing to listen. Most do listen as senior employees tend to be respected in our profession.  I dreed saying goodbye. But I’m sure that emotion will quickly dissipate as I say hello to a new way of life.

On the home front we finally got out of a very cold January but at least the snowfall has been very light. January is our coldest month with average lows of 18 degrees. Here in a couple weeks we usually have a few warmer days. Gardeners will be wondering if it’s time to till their gardens.

IMG_20171224_071837651_HDR (800x450)

Today Karen and I are planning to walk through our property and finds some downed trees to cut up for the fireplace. We might also be tackling cleaning out a couple spaces in the basement storage as part of our ongoing downsizing. Yesterday I scanned all the 2017 documents which went better than the prior years. I’ve stopped using staples and even paper clips when possible.  Makes the scanning process go so much quicker.  Slowly, I’m figuring out how to receive documents online and moving them directly into a folder on the computer to avoid the scanning process all together. We both have been researching places to sell unique items. This spring or summer we intend to do the garage sale thing at least once.  Karen and I have come to the conclusion that we will maintain a small storage locker for at least the first year after we move.  Our hallway bathroom is 5×10 so we can use that as an example of what will fit in the same size storage space.  Lots of reasoning went into that decision and I might post a blog on that later.  I’m sure our reasons are typical of other’s reasons.

We also paid off the house last month. Yea, seven months ahead of schedule. Will be using the money to save up for a new truck! Now I’ve got to remember to call the County Tax Assessor to have next years tax bill sent to me rather than the mortgage company. Also will need to make the same change with the insurance company. And make sure the mortgage company releases the lean.

On the RV front, I’ve been reading a few of your blogs and envy those relatively warmer climates many are spending the winter in. For several years now I’ve been keeping a list of campground spots you all and others are using in the winter. That should come in handy:)  Recently I also noticed what appears to be a big increase in RV manufacturer’s recall notices.  Here are just a few announcements in the past two months. I follow a couple media sources where recalls are frequently seen. As you may recall from a past blog post, in 2105 Forrest River got themselves in a jam with the National Highway Safely folks. They were or maybe still are facing serious fines for failing to recall products in a timely manner. I’m thinking the entire industry may have been placed on notice.  Maybe this is the first step in forcing needed changes in the quality of production. Time will tell.


9 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Getting Past Another Winter

  1. Congratulations on your award, Mark! We all appreciate your and your colleague’s service. An interesting note on a future domicile. If you choose to go with St. Brendan’s Isle in Green Cove Springs, Florida (which we highly recommend), you will still be a resident of Clay County. 🙂


    • I’ve been checking out St. Brendan’s to include the mail service. Karen and I talked briefly and tentatively are thinking of heading to Nashville to see family our first month on the road. Might make since to head on to Florida for the winter, assuming we can find a spot to stay at.

      Right now our options are Texas or Florida for domicile. We were thinking Texas because it’s close to Missouri and family. And the Escapees mail service. But thinking harder about it, who cares. We would be mobile.

      Karen has Medicare within nine months of hitting the road. I know things can change in 2019 in terms of healthcare. Especially as I believe that is the year the federal tax penalty drops for not having healthcare. That could remove some people from the healthcare sharing ranks. I’m hoping to find a plan using the Affordable Care Act. If it’s still around. And this year at least Florida is really the only option to get nationwide coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Doing more research on that one. Also I’m not aware of any need for a special driver’s license in Florida for RVs. Compared to Texas who does but I understand it’s no big deal to take the driving test.

      I’ll hit you up later on the topic!


  2. Congratulations, Deputy of the Year! That’s excellent–couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Thank you for your public service, it is deeply appreciated. As ExplorRVistas stated, we love St. Brendan’s Isle’s services, too. It’s been a year and we have no complaints. I recently had some important mail I needed scanned so I could view (we were boondocking in Quartzsite and, for us, at least, it was a nightmare to try to get mail there), and they had it digitally scanned pronto. We’ve picked up mail in person while we were in Jacksonville for Christmas, and they are always pleasant and helpful. I hear the same about the Escapee’s mail service, too–we wanted to keep our Florida residency, even if we did change counties. Once you make the decision and get all the paperwork out of the way, it’s a breeze.


    • Thank you. Also I’m thinking Karen and I will sit down and look at the pros and cons between Florida and Texas once we get closer and see how the healthcare thing is falling out. Really did enjoy a business trip to Jacksonville last year. Neat town.

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  3. Congrats on your award!!! We also mapped a 5×10 area out, if it didn’t fit we didn’t keep it. Still have the storage unit, a few things I’m just not ready to get rid of and at $25/month it’s affordable. Sure can’t beat AZ for the temps and humidity, it’s been a great place to be this winter.


    • Thank you,

      Did you guys rent an outside storage unit or climate controlled? We are thinking if we keep some artwork, indoors may be better. We also plan to leave maybe two totes at a family members house for the more expensive stuff. Also we are thinking there may be items we need on the road that are unknown to us with no experience. So being able to double back and pick stuff up when we come through town might be a good thing. Opinion are always welcome.


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