Meeting Fulltimers Steve and Debbie

Karen and I were excited to spend a couple days with Steve and Debbie from the Down the Road Blog. In late 2014 Karen and I made the decision our future would be in an RV – someday. Doing like most I started surfing the web for ideas. Got lucky and found the class of 2014 whom had attended the RV Dreams Rally together. Debbie calls them the 14teeners or however that’s spelled. For us future-timers meeting those we have followed during their journey is like meeting a rock star.

Really appreciated Steve and Debbie diverting to Kansas City as they made their way up from southern Missouri. As is the custom in our house, we ask out of towners what their interests are. In this case, western stuff, history, breweries, hiking or outdoors and BBQ. Debbie and I communicated via email and then texting as the couple arrived near town. Karen and I came up with some ideas based on what the couple suggested were their interests and then just played it by ear, doing whatever made sense.

They camped at Fleming Park/Blue Springs Lake, south of downtown Kansas City near the sports complexes. This was our second visit to the campground having met out of towners there in the past. It’s a county park. Karen and I drove out to Steve and Debbie’s where we learned several new tricks about picking a spot in a park, towing a fifth wheel, working on-line, nice features to look for in a fifth wheel and a bunch more. As is the case most of the time with those coming to town, Steve wanted to eat at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. I decided taking them to the original location would be a special treat and give them a chance to see a little of the Kansas side of Kansas City, Missouri. But first we made a stop at our local “famous” brewery which is Boulevard. North of Kansas City is Weston Missouri which has a history of distilling and scattered all around the area are wine vineyards. Most don’t know Missouri is also wine country, given the French influence before the area was part of the United States. Owners of a winery down the street from our home told me wine gets its flavor from the soil which is the reason they picked this area. Here are some photos. Karen says Debbie is very photogenic.

City scape from porch at top of building

We took a tour – beer served before and after!

After dinner, because it was not far away, we drove over to the Plaza Shopping Center. This is the countries first outdoor shopping center. The developer (JC Nichols) was friends with the King of Spain. Kansas City has a sister city in Spain and Nichols modeled the buildings after Spanish buildings. Missouri is called the Show Me State. We are also the Cave State and Kansas City is the City of Fountains. The Plaza is a great place to see fountains although they are spread all over town. Not far from the largest fountain near the Plaza is a Vietnam War memorial. Steve and Debbie are into locating geocaches. We walked down to one at the memorial and then Steve and Debbie bought us ice cream to (more than) replace the calories we burned.

Debbie – Here is a view of the Christmas Lights on the Plaza I told you about.

The world may be coming to an end, the 20 something year old we got to take this photo asked me how to take a picture with my cell phone. Wow

The couple spent the next day on their own touring western/history stuff in nearby Kearney Missouri which is centered around the Frank and Jessie James home. Then they came out to the house for a meal. Really hope we meet again. Karen and I can’t say enough how much we enjoyed our time with the couple. Wish we would have had time to show them around our town of Excelsior Springs Missouri.

As a lore (on my part) to visit the state, Debbie says a new Springfield Missouri museum, located by Bass Pro is now open. I recalled some time ago seeing city blocks cleared away in Springfield to make room. It’s called the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium.

I meant to post something about the decision to take a social security benefit at age 62 and how I rate fifth wheels. That will have to wait until next time.


Forest River fined
by Indiana OSHA for safety violations. Beginning in 2015 they were also in trouble with the Feds for failing to recall trailers when needed. The Cedar Creek is at the top of our list for a new fifth wheel, but violations like these is hurting my opinion of the company. Also, a sales person at another manufacturer, whom I trust, used to work at Forest River and told me a few other facts that were bad to hear such as employees racing around throwing trailers together so they could go home early.

Rollin’ On TV Series has a number of interesting and well-done videos.

14 thoughts on “Meeting Fulltimers Steve and Debbie

  1. We owned a 2010 Cedar Creek for a few years. The cabinetry looked nice on the surface, but the construction was shoddy and the kitchen layout not practical — the peninsula basically fell apart and we had to gut and rebuild it as an island. YMMV.


  2. Hey, Mark! There is a YouTube couple, Hebards Travels, that just went through a whole rigamarole with their brand new Cedar Creek. They are a wonderful couple and might be able to give you some information. Their YouTube channel is at: (Hebard’s Travels). Also, you mentioned the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium. If you have time, take a look at my last blog post–my daughter works there and it includes her video interview (she is training the stingrays for public interaction). So happy you got to meet a fellow blogger–wish we could have made it to Kansas City during our visit to Missouri! Take care. Dawn


    • Hi Dawn,

      I read your last blog post and will watch the video. Small world. I’ve been communicating with Herbards Travels and watched all their videos as they went through the issues with their Cedar Creek. She is from Kansas City.

      I’m heading to Mt. Vernon Missouri in a couple weeks for Apple Butter Making Days. Mt. Vernon is between Springfield and Joplin. Wish I had time to visit the museum but I’ll be down there again so will catch it then. I’ll try and look your daughter up at work.

      Was really nice meeting another blogger, especially one I’ve followed for three years. Seems liking the blogging world makes the real world so much smaller, which is a good thing. Hope to meet you guys someday. Got some questions to run past your husband on cellular/internet connectivity once we are on the road.

      Did you guys catch my Jacksonville blog post? I took a photo on the river walk of the city scape. Maybe one of my favorite pictures of all time. Lovely city! I saved that photo full scale as Karen mentioned someday printing it. I think I can post a link to the photo. Hope it works.

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  3. Having met you two I can only say is anyone who gets to meet you on your home turf will have the best tour guides of your hometown…


    • Was not sure if you guys were staying for one night on your way through early in the trip or coming back through for a longer stay later. Any is good. Looking forward to checking out your solar setup. See ya soon.


  4. Glad you are able to hook up with fellow FTers even before you get out of the gate. Hope we get a chance to do the same as our time approaches.

    You’re going to find horror stories all the time regarding Brand X or Brand Y. At any givien price point the quality of the manufacture will be roughly the same… buyer beware. We liked the Cedar Creek way back when but when the 2017 Keystone Montana 3810 or 3811 came out… well that floorplan was absolutely perfect for us so it is the current odds on pick for our future rig. We’re pretty sure there will be issues, hopefully not unmanageable ones… fingers crossed. Come on 2019.


    • We toured the Montana front master 3810 at last year’s RV show. Great bathroom for tall people and a unique floor plan. Bedroom is awesome and I could see someone reading while on the sofa storage area. Makes for separation of space for private time.

      We have met half a dozen full-time RV couples in the past three years. Really helps to see how they are setup and bounce questions off them. Made some new friends.


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