Trip to Jacksonville Florida

Work took me to Jacksonville Florida. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do much siteseeing but managed to sneak in a few places. 

Photo looks like it should be on a post card – beautiful City of Jacksonville

Myself and a couple co-workers were in town to testify at a trial.  Across from our hotel room was a truly unique tree which I happened to find just by taking a walk. I’m sure world travelers may have seen a tree like this but for me it was a first-time experience.

The Treaty Oak is huge, with limps growing to the ground. It is said to be the oldest living thing in the city at around 250 years. Funny what you can find just by taking a walk. Reportedly the Tree is named because of agreements signed underneath it by Native Americans and the Spanish or American settlers.

I jumped on a very short train line that runs between the downtown area from the hotel area. It’s free for the riding and I found a couple local people who told me where to get off for areas of interest. I only had time for one stop which was to the St. Johns Riverfront (Jacksonville Landing) area. 

The ocean’s not that far away but there was no time for that. While downtown it began to rain very hard. And me with no hat or rain gear. No worries, I looked around at the tall buildings which were spaced closer together and had outside covered walkways. Ran from building to building and used their covered walkways to make it back to the train station.  What a sense of freedom it was to just wonder around a big city and take things as they came.  

Just about a half mile from the hotel was an extensive riverfront walk which was a pleasant surprise to find.  Being from the Midwest I’m not used to seeing such beautiful tropical plants. Of further interest is Jacksonville is located just a half hour from wonderful St. Augustine.

Back in Kansas City a few days later Karen and I met up with our part-timer RV friends Dean and Cheri. Both are retired and now are preparing to go full-time. They  were on their way home after an extended trip.  We met up about a year ago as well. Cheri sent an email they would be passing through. Karen and I really enjoy time with the couple. We just hit it off so well for whatever reason.  Dean showed me a few of his new travel tricks such as the way he runs gas to his grill while Karen and Cheri were off taking a walk around the campground. Thanks for the burgers and visit guys! 

For you folks that are just starting to plan for a future in an RV, one of the best ways to learn is to meet up with those that have done it. It’s exciting and they don’t seem to mind the company. The best way to meet them for me has been reading blogs. The second-best way is over at the RVillage site. Emails seem to be the preferred way to communicate at first. When they get to town text messaging may be the best method to firm up plans on the day of the visit. 

In conclusion, I want to write how wonderful it was for Karen to pop-on the last blog post in the comments section and have readers respond to her. Karen and I talk a lot about RV related stuff and what we want to do in our future. I try to include her input into my blog post the best I can.  

Only In Your State:
Fantastic places to visit sorted by state. Karen found this website that included12 locations in our home state of Missouri.

8 thoughts on “Trip to Jacksonville Florida

  1. What a great city! It’s kind of weird, but for all the time we’ve spent in FL, we have not spent any time in Jacksonville- just driven by! We will have to add it to our list of places to stop!
    Blog reading can be a great way to meet people, as can RVillage, but we have made some of our best friends at rallies – I believe you are considering attending one (or more?).
    We have found RVers, especially the full-timing ones, to be the sincerely friendliest people we have ever met – it’s one of the biggest advantages of this lifestyle!
    Hope our paths cross in person one day!

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    • Hi Kelly, yes we were considering going to the Escapees Rally (Escapade) in Missouri next month. There were a few reasons why I decided to skip this one however. I’d like go to an RV Dreams Rally if it gets close in the next couple of years. One thing I like about Heartland is all their rallies and excellent owners forum. Definitely a consideration when one chooses a trailer someday.

      I’ve got a questions you or Bill might be able to answer: What do you do when you have run wires for electronics on the roof and covered them in Eternabond tape and now want to remove the wires?

      I’ve been watching videos and reading up on the various electronic options that are out there now so installation has come up which caused me to wonder what to do if you later upgrade to something else. I assume the wires might be reusable or one just cuts them and leave the tape. Not sure if Bill has run into that when doing roof armor (or whatever it’s called) upgrades.

      I hope we do meet up for real someday. Found a website that had interesting webcams, one of which was in New Jersey. Here is an interesting one at Seaside Heights, New Jersey that include audio:

      Your blog pages format changes are awesome by the way!

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      • Eternabond tape is generally used for repairs; wires used for electronics would be held down with screwed down wire clips or even self-adhesive wire clips. You would then cover it with dicor. Bill will be more than happy to talk to you about a specific application when the time comes.

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  2. Ah, my home for 30 years! Great pictures of Jacksonville, especially the skyline. Loved the photos of Treaty Oak, too. Next time you are in town, you’ll have to check out Fort Caroline (a national historic landmark), which is rich in local history. So glad you enjoyed the city–and before Irma left her mark. Dawn


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