Life in Kansas City – Spending Time at Home

We spent Christmas and New Years at home in Kansas City. Last year we donated our tree to charity. Karen kept her collectable ornaments that includes many hanging Santa Claus figures. She still has not decided to give them up before we hit the road. 

Although Karen did decorate a small tree!  It’s a stick with a broken bulb hanging from it. I lost the photo somewhere.

We got a big dose of Christmas spirit by visiting the Hall of Waters in Excelsior Springs. The facility was built in 1937 as a place to bottle and distribute the healing, medicinal mineral waters of Excelsior Springs. It now serves as our City Hall.  Per their website, the city was founded in 1880 on a site where 20 springs were discovered. There are four distinct varieties of water that gives Excelsior Springs the distinction of having the world’s greatest group of mineral waters. The springs include two of the world’s six known iron-manganese springs. We sure are going to miss our wonderful water once we hit the road!

Lined along the walls of the building during the Christmas season are decorated trees. Local businesses and organizations decorate their tree with various themes.



Karen and I both hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I’ve had a fun time reading about where each of the bloggers I follow spent their holidays. And thank you to my sister Lisa for hosting the family over at her house! That was very special.

Next week I should be posting about the basic fifth wheel floor plans Karen and I have been able to narrow down to during our search.  Our local RV show is next week! It’s like a holiday for me.

7 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Spending Time at Home

  1. Happy New Year Mark. Hope your quest for a little point and shoot camera is going well. My two cents, I’d jump all over the work you’re current employer offered. Work camping takes away your freedom to roll, which is usually why we live this lifestyle. Regarding domicile – if you needed surgery (not an emergency) where would you want to be? Near family? That should be “home base”. Insurance issues are serious biz to consider. Elective tests and surgery are always scheduled in your home state 🙂


    • Hi Ingrid, I’ve been to busy to research the point and shoot cameras but it’s still on the list. I contacted the owner of the company I work for part-time today and excepted his offer to keep the job when on the road. Will spend the next couple of years working out the details regarding how to do it remotely. Fortunately, many of our processes are already handled online, email or texting. I see your point regarding major medical issues and being near family. I’ll have to fit that in the equation once we get closer to deciding on the domicile thing. At some point, I would like to hit you guys up for your point of view on our first fifth wheel. We have not ruled out going with something around 35’, used and maybe not a luxury unit per say. Although we just want to buy one and keep it, we are still open to buying a starter home and trading it later. I follow another blog where they travel like you guys in a comparable rig. Both had the truck already and got the trailer to go with it. It’s been a blast researching it all. As sick as that may sound…


      • I think you’ll be very pleased you stayed with the company. As a former home builder, I worked with customers every day regarding their “dream” home, “forever” home…. doesn’t exist. Don’t get caught up in all the pretty new bells and whistles on the new RV’s. Be practical and fiscally sound and you’ll enjoy yourselves that much more. And don’t hesitate to email. I’m always willing to share my two cents, and then some 🙂

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      • No, what is RVillage? I went to Olathe east for a year and then bounced around for awhile and came back. I spent about 20 years in KC all combined, lol. How was that ice storm? It looked like KC had the weather shield up again!


      • We do appear to have a lot in common. Karen loves dogs and used to foster them. That’s how we got our two current boys. Law Enforcement is fairly stressful right now for a number of reasons. I’ve given a lot of advise to others when they were joining up. One good way is to become a reserve officer for a department then move into fulltime for example.

        I’ll bet you may have already looked up RVillage by now It’s a social media site for rvers. For example you can send someone a friends request so they will know when you are in the area. They can also click on a map to see where their friends are. Lots more such as others in the park getting a notice if you are in the same park or if someone is setting up a pot luck diner or party invite. My user name is Mark and Karen.

        Almost forgot to mention. The ice storm was an non-event. They get it in Southern Missouri first where I have family that gives me an update of what to expect up here.


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