Life in Kansas City – Trip South and General Information

I’ve been watching the blogs I follow as their authors migrate south or wrap up seasonal workcamping jobs. I tend to follow blogs where the writer travels in larger fifth wheels to get a feel of what to expect as that will be our rig of choice.  If anyone has any blogs of interest regarding planning stages for full time RVing, I’d appreciate a link. I made the big time when the popular Camper Chronicles posted my questions as a result of a request from readers to submit questions about life on the road. I’d also read about a great idea to have a downsizing estate sale at this forum thread.  Really sounds promising if you’re interested. What the author did was first sold some big items separately – cars, boats, riding lawn mower, etc.  Then asked the kids to take what they wanted which was very little. The rest was a whole house sale. They left everything in the rooms and had friends stationed in all rooms to help.

bighorn-travelerI’ve been wanting to write about touring the new Bighorn Traveler fifth wheel by Heartland RV. One really needs to take a hard look at the original Big Horn fifth wheel and compare the two. The Bighorn is a fantastic trailer for the price. I finished touring the original Bighorn and evaluating it for Karen and my needs. I’ll post this soon if you’re interested.

Here on the home front my sister Mary and I once again put on a living history demonstration in Mount Vernon Missouri during their Apple Butter Making Days celebration. This was their 50th year with the expected attendance to be 80,000 people. Mary and I sleep, eat and work in a cabin built in the 1850’s, putting on tours when folks come from the festival for a visit.


Mary cooked up a great breakfast


Fireplace for cooking

Mary arranged for a blacksmith to put on a demonstration during the three days. Mike was not only a hobby blacksmith but also an experienced semi-truck driver. Mike offered some good advice about hauling around a trailer and some interesting comments regarding dealing with other traffic. We talked about backing trailers, adjusting mirrors, driving truck routes, merging on the highway and a lot more that RV trailers and semi-trucks have in common. We talked about a couple larger cities he drives through to include St. Louis where he takes I-70 straight through rather than the loops around it. He also asked that we don’t put our slides out at truck stops. He said longer trailers are easier to back up because shorter trailers turn quicker. I knew about that already but it was a good point he made when comparing a 30’ trailer against a 40’ trailer.

A good friend of mine lives in Florida and travels around the country, among other tasks, measuring cellular availability for all the networks. Bill is not worried about cellular when he has Wi-Fi calling on his cell phone.  All the major providers offer Wi-Fi calling. Basically if you don’t have cell phone coverage but do have internet service you can make and receive phone calls over the internet with Wi-Fi calling.


new flash Newsflash:   Winnebago to purchase Grand Design. Yet another Thor holding. Grand Design reportedly has produced 25,000 RVs.

6 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Trip South and General Information

  1. We are interested in what your final RV decision is too. You’ve put alot of thought into it and I think it’s great. Time is flying by….I’m excited for you!

    On another note my sister was at Mt Vernon for Apple making days. I need to ask if she stopped at your site. Sounds like alot of work but also lots of fun!!


  2. Thanks for posting crpeine,

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve confused myself worse by all the research. It’s actually fun and interesting.

    Regarding Apple Butter Making Days; would it not be a small world if your sister recalled coming by the cabin. It’s by the Jones Memorial. My sister Mary and I have been doing living history there over the past six years. Before that, my father and I for maybe eight years and before that my father and his twin brother since the early 80’s.


  3. Just catching up on my blog reading. A few years ago we were touring the Blue Ridge Parkway and we treated to an apple butter demonstration and then were the lucky recipients of some freshly made apple butter. Good luck in your decision making, but just an FYI Winnebego isn’t a Thor company, which is one of the reasons Grand Design partnered with Winnebego.


  4. Thanks for stopping by Faye. Appreciate you reading and commenting on my blog and making time for it.

    Wish there was a Winnebago dealer nearby our home as I really want to check out one of their fifth wheels. Just read today on RV Business that they are coming out with yet another, or maybe upgrading one. Glad Grand Design went with them rather than Thor.

    I’m worried about some of the smaller companies who build nice trailers that are not massed produced in light of how many companies Thor has bought up. Also nice to know that Forest River remains owned by Berkshire Hathaway so at least there is another big player competing against Thor. It was upsetting to see Jayco sold out.


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