Time is Flying By

A few evenings ago Karen and I were standing in the front yard enjoying the cooler weather as night approached. We discussed our future noting there are so many experiences we are looking forward to. It seems like time is flying by the older we get.

Recently I was asked how long I had known a particular person. Lately, I’m usually off by at least half when estimating time. If I thought someone had been in a position at work for six months it turns out to actually have been a year.

So why does time seem to go so fast? And why am I having trouble recalling how long ago something happened? No, there are no medical conditions. At least that anyone has pointed out to me. Perhaps it has something to do with how emotional, or memorable, the experience was in the first place. Perhaps if the memories that we recall are longer in duration it influences if we are able to recall how long ago it happened?

I’ll put this out there for everyone to think about. Perhaps when we are young and experiencing events for the first time we record more details in our memory banks. Because what is happening is more interesting. I recall the first time I went hunting like it was yesterday but know that was more than 40 years ago. I even recall the weather on that day.

This gets me to wondering if the first time we look out over the Grand Canyon or see the stars during a clear Alaskan night will create vivid and long lasting memories. I wonder if traveling and experiencing things for the first time will bring back those same youthful emotions?

September 2014 was when Karen and I first started talking about what we would do in retirement. I can’t believe how time is flying by.


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2 thoughts on “Time is Flying By

  1. For sure, I can still see you in my mind sitting on the curb at the bike rodeo where we first meet. And the shy daughter with her shinny new bike.

    I was excited to see you have fun when we toured the old fort and cemetery. I’ll keep the other thoughts to myself and you.

    Love you, wife of mine!


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