Meet with Part Timers

What a wonderful day we had at Longview Lake Campground in Lee’s Summit Missouri, a Kansas City suburb.  We met with part timers Cheri and Dean who take longer trips from their home in southern Kansas. They are on their way north through Wisconsin and eventually to New York State. Cheri’s blog is Travels with Bentley. In minutes Karen and I felt like we were their neighbors. We really appreciated their hospitality. Karen says she learned a lot about the lifestyle from Cheri. Her and Dean walked us around their 36’ Heartland Big Horn fifth wheel, pointing out modifications and what they take on trips. An added bonus was having a look around the county park where they camped. The park is among a list of sites we might consider for long-term stays when back in town.



Cheri and Dean



They are members of several groups to include Escapees, the Heartland Owners Group and We appreciated them sharing their experience and the reasons they selected everything from why they joined these clubs to the pots and pans Cheri was pulling out of cabinets to show Karen.  I could tell Dean spends time thinking through solutions such as how to mount his portable satellite dish on the ladder to the roof or front of the hitch pin.  A surprising topic we covered with Cheri and Dean included what it was like for them in the few months or years prior to their retirement. I wanted to know about the emotions of it all and frankly, to have yet another say the next few years before my own retirement will pass quickly.

I took a few photos at their trailer.


WP_20160712_002 (800x391) (640x313)

Towel Rack in Shower for Drying

WP_20160712_004 (800x427) (640x342)

Temporary Spot for Portable Satellite Receiver


WP_20160712_003 (800x435) (640x348)

Handles on Leveling Jack Pads


WP_20160712_001 (800x442) (276x347)

We watch for campgrounds that may offer workamping for longer stays. We also learned another local county park in Smithville pays $10 an hour plus a site!



Over the past year Karen and I have been meeting with others who are traveling. So far we met with another local couple who are workcamping across the country, a solo traveler working between state and local parks, Cheri and Dean traveling part time and another couple traveling in their motorhome.  We have contacted full timers on forums, blog sites and bumped into them at RV shows or while on the road ourselves. We are hoping this is giving us a fairly complete picture of what to expect when we make the jump to our future RV.  One thing rings true about all these fine people is they have always been helpful and Karen and I can tell we are of like mind.

Lastly, I’m working to gather content for an eventual blog post regarding transitioning from a stick and brick home to life as a full time traveler. The logistics of it all can be intense. For example and although we have yet to decide, Karen and I have talked about buying our truck and rig a year early rather than at retirement.  Any suggestions you are willing to add to the conversation will be appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Meet with Part Timers

  1. As I have said before, my wife ( Cindy ) and I are hopefully going to go fulltime this Jan when she retires. We have had our truck and 5th wheel for about 3 months now. We kind of figured that we would get some short trips in before we make the jump. In fact we are going to North Carolina mountains next weekend for 4 days and then in Sept we are going to take a longer trip out to Colo. for a wedding and will be going through your neck of the woods. I think it would be a good idea to get what you want sooner then later just to get the bugs worked out. Seems there are always bugs to work out LOL. Whether you get a new unit or a used one. Anyways I enjoy reading and maybe we can hook up on our way to Colo. in Sept. Happy trails …. Russ


    • Russ, I’m adding a note to my calendar in September and if it works out for you guys we would enjoy meeting with you and Cindy.

      We are leaning heavy at getting the rig the year before we leave. Even saving up vacation time so we can use it.


  2. I think it’s a great idea Mark if you have the time to use it. Our first trip out we stayed close to home..(hour away). We did discover a few things that needed to fixed. Fortunately we took that first trip a week or so before our first long distance trip. Plenty of time for repairs before we left on a 2 month trip.

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  3. Good idea to get the rig before retiring, gives you time to work out any bugs it may have and to make whatever modifications you want. We bought ours the summer before our house sold, we moved around the local area all summer living in it as much as we could, while we don’t have that rig anymore it gave us the opportunity to figure out what we would need when the house finally sold. We then went on a 6 week road trip, great way to get used to all the traveling we knew we’d be doing.


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