Life in Kansas City – Paint and Plants

I’d planned to paint one side of the house each year so it would be ready for sale before we went full time in an RV. Last year I finished one of the taller sides and had begun on a second side. I found a few pieces of trim that needed repair and painting to avoid more serious issues. Also, two shutters on the front of the house had come loose.  They are painted plastic with longer plastic anchors that go through the siding. The anchors are rather long for our home which has thicker 2×6 walls with 5/8” high density foam board under the siding along with thick insulation. These walls are great for insulation and a good sound barrier. The foam board also acts as the vapor barrier which is key to keeping moisture out. I suppose the same construction principles could apply to RV construction. Most of the forums I read where folks are discussing wall types don’t mention vapor barriers. I’ve been researching wall construction for RVs and will post about that later.  


Before – Loose at Top


Anchors Can Be Cut Down to Size


After – With Paint


Karen came home for Michigan with a trunk load of plants her sister spilt from their gardens. We had a few splits of our own and a friend gave us a couple more plants. And our vegetable/annual flowers we start inside over the winter are ready for planting.  So tomorrow we will most likely get busy putting plants in the ground.  I’ve also been considering hiring a professional landscape designer for the front of our house. Funny how most everything I do around the house is geared at making it more appealing for sale.  But we do take time to enjoy what we have until then.


I’ve decided to work on selling stuff off one add at a time. I posted some extra beekeeping equipment on Craigslist and had two people interested in the first 20 minutes.  After that sells I’ll post something else. Karen and I are trying to downsize what we can one chunk at a time. I have a friend who is an auctioneer and tells me he has not been getting the best prices right now.  We have talked about having one larger sale when we are closer to retirement.

Safe travels.

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