RV Construction Methods – Solar

Over a year ago I had decided to delay most research and selection of various electronic components we would like to install in our future RV. This is because technology changes all the time and what will be available in 2019 is no doubt very different than what’s out there today.  However, alternative energy tech is just to interesting not to follow the trends. Here is a link to where I’ve been keeping notes about solar for those interested.

I’m of the opinion if we could fast forward to the future we would see hydrogen as a preferred alternative energy.

I’ve reached a decision how we will approach adding solar to our rig.  In short, I’ll use the phased approach to solar. Meaning, I’ll start out with very little to nothing while monitoring our typical electrical needs applicable to whatever level of boondocking (camping off grid) we do. Whatever equipment we do have I’ll want to be expandable without having to throw out most of the old stuff.

Portable Solar For Battery Charging

Portable Solar For Battery Charging

After touring various trailers advertised as “solar ready” I find myself only wanting to start out with at least two batteries in a compartment capable of holding additional batteries. The trailers that have a quick connection for portable solar panels directly linked to the battery area are interesting.

We have already decided upon a gas/electric refrigerator so we should be able to get by with a couple batteries to start off. After renting an RV last summer we found it nice to fire up the air conditioner and use the microwave at rest areas for short stops. So some type of generator is in our future as well.  We don’t want to limit where we camp in our RV but also don’t want to spend a lot on technology we don’t frequently use. Our planned style of travel includes spending extended stays in RV parks while workcamping or volunteering.

3 thoughts on “RV Construction Methods – Solar

  1. Good stuff Mark thanks. We just bout a new High Country and plan to try and figure out a possible solar as a back up. I really don’t no much about it at all, as far as that goes I have a lot to learn about a lot of things as never have owned a 5th wheel.


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