Life in Kansas City – Early Spring?

It finally warmed up. By the end of next week temperatures are expected to be in the low 60’s. Wonder if this will be an early spring? I’ll have to watch our honeybee hives as they will start bringing in pollen about two weeks before we humans know spring is here.

Finally had a new work vehicle issued to me. It’s a very nice 2016 Ford Explorer Interceptor. Lots of hidden flashy lights and buttons to push. It’s also supposed to be fairly fast although at my age I drive like I don’t have insurance, slow and deliberate. I took a photo where you will notice one of our cats, Frank, in the background. He was following me around the yard wanting to be picked up.  Knowing we will be downsizing and moving from our current home within a few years causes me to often think about “the last time I’m doing this” kind of stuff. For example, this will most likely be the last new work vehicle I have.

Karen and I have decided once we prepare the house for sale it might be a good idea to have a small photo album for potential buyers to look through. Our land is on a hilltop where the views change with the seasons and from day to night. If someone tours the house in the summer the trees will block the view of the lit hillsides. So while my hands were not full hauling Frank around I took a few more photos for the album.

Not a big thing but we bought some new fire extinguishers. Of course, we bought ones we would want to take with us in an RV. I decided on two smaller foam extinguishers and one medium ABC powder model which are better for larger fires. Placed one under the kitchen cabinet, the larger model in the garage and another in the basement near the furnace room. Think we have all the potential fire hazards covered. I read up on RV fire safety at Mac the Fire Guy web page.

We are getting a couple of new neighbors. Finally decided to fill the bird feeders which attract my favorite kind of neighbor. And after being vacant for months, someone has bought an older house down the street. The house sits on a rather historic spot. In the back yard is a water well from the 1800’s which is more fascinating than the upgrades the new owner is busy with. The homestead is known around here as the Seybold Tavern. At one time it was owned by the Ford family and used as both a stagecoach stop and hotel. Jesse James and his brother Frank used to visit the tavern which burnt down in the 1950’s. Many of you may know the story where Jesse James was shot to death by the coward Bob Ford in St. Joseph Missouri which is a 45 minute drive from here.  Jesse’s dad was a preacher in nearby Wood Heights and Ford’s was a preacher here in Excelsior Springs.

IMG_2398 (800x361) (640x289) (640x289)

Where the Tavern Once Stood

Seybold Tavern

Old Seybold Tavern

We went over and visited with the new neighbors a couple months ago. I broke the news to them – there are six confederate solders buried at the bottom of the hill on their property. And somewhere there are graves of Mormons as well. The Seybolds used to shelter Mormons as they were not popular in this part of Missouri during that time of history. The graves are no longer marked. There is a pile of broken rocks at the tree line of the new neighbor’s back yard. Around that spot there are flowers that bloom during the summer so my guess is that’s where the graves are located.

Let us know if you happen to come through Kansas City. We know the good spots to park an RV and the best places to visit or eat out.

3 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – Early Spring?

  1. We have an observation hive inside our sunroom. There is a tube that runs outside so the bees can come and go. I usually start watching them closely this time of year for pollen. Once they starting bringing it in then I know it’s also time to start our indoor plants to transfer to the outside garden later.


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