Life in Kansas City – It’s Cold

I had mentioned during the last post I would be passing along a few notes about a couple of new trailers that were at the 2016 RV Show. Still working on that.

Here in Kansas City it has been cold. We have been getting snow every few days, off and on.  Usually it snows here, the roads are bad for one day, then everything clears up the next day.  By tomorrow the snow that is on the roads should be gone.

As gardners we are used to checking for plant hardiness by gardening zone.  For lack of a better description, there are like small micro zones.  On average, St. Louis is a little warmer than Kansas City for example.  I’ve been traveling to southern Missouri for years. South of Nevada Missouri I can expect a weather change. It’s not unusual for southern Missouri to be five degrees warmer in the winter.  Seems like you have to go to central Arkansas to do any better.

Wonder if checking plant hardiness zones for average temperatures would assist us future snowbirds in selecting a spot to setup?

Karen and I took a few photos so we can look back later when we are snowbirds.


WP_20160120_034 (800x449)




WP_20160120_037 (800x442)



WP_20151228_002 (800x450)

View at Work – One of those cars is mine.


WP_20160118_001 (800x443) (563x424)

The Vegetable Garden Spot


The other day I was in the mood to get a little work done. We are selling the house within a few years and have a long list of what needs to be fixed up. It’s hard to keep up with the maintenance so adding upgrades is a challenge. We started replacing carpet with hardwood floors and tile, other than bedrooms and stairs.  I’ve still got one more winter project to complete inside the house, which is to finish up some floor trim after we installed engineered Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.  Brazilian cherry wood is more durable than some other woods. You may have noticed a lot of hardwoods in trailers are also cherry wood!

WP_20160118_003 (800x379)

Need to add transition piece between kitchen tile and living room wood floors.


We added a tiled back-splash at the kitchen counters. I decided to lay the tile along the counter top without using a metal transition piece. So grouting/caulking was needed.

WP_20160118_004 (800x420)

I used caulk that has both grout and silicon. The color matches the grouting we used between tiles.

WP_20160118_005 (800x446)


3 thoughts on “Life in Kansas City – It’s Cold

    • The advantages were speed to apply the material, looks a lot more uniform along the counter top and the silicon should help with water around the tiles behind the sink. Actual product has a gritty feel after it dries, almost like the actual tile grouting. Don’t think it would be good to use it between tiles however.

      I know Ingrid used some stick on tiles on their trailer. That’s the way to go in a trailer.

      Total guess, but I’d think the silicon/grout caulk I used would work on an RV. Lots of color selections are available. Got it in the tile section at Home Depo.

      Safe travels.


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