Our Trailer Choices Page

This is going to be a quick post. Karen and I are off to the RV Show today. There is a guy that sits in an office next to me. I’ve been teasing him for two weeks, asking if he knew what the holiday was on 1/14/16 and similar.  It’s the first day of the local RV Show!  He is a dreamer and interested in the whole RV thing. Unfortunately he did not request the days off so he will have to go over the weekend.

Word Press blogging has an area where you can check to see what pages people are viewing. My site could be a little hard to follow as it’s basically a bunch of notes thrown into a menu system. Well, it seems like it to me anyway. I wanted to take a quick moment of your time to point you towards the Choices Page. I’m not getting that many hits on that page for some reason. After all the research is done, I’ve started recording what would be our “dream list” on this page. One can read through a dozen pages on this site that eventually end up being consolidated on the Choices Page.  There are links back to the appropriate notes or blog post.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and comments. I’m lucky to have had a few people who contact me offline with a ton of good advise. There is a gentlemen I’m exchanging emails with now that has more than 100,000 mile of experience pulling a fifth wheel for example. I’m really starting to see what a wonderful bunch of people RV travelers are.


2 thoughts on “Our Trailer Choices Page

  1. Enjoy the RV Show. Good thing you asked for the day off. The weekends seem to be especially busy and crazy… Our local RV Show, Sacramento, CA, happens in March. We’ll be there oogling over the new models.


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