Life in Kansas City – Getting Ready for Winter

It’s turning out to be a rather warm November here in Kansas City. I’m hoping we don’t see any snow until Christmas.  Karen and I spent yesterday getting the yard ready for winter which includes cutting the grass short one last time (hopefully). It was a bad year for moles which left tunnels in many places. I’m not sure what works to kill them off so I just continue to use poison pellets. Our neighbor is having luck with the poison worms.  Anyway, the dead grass left behind by mole activity will cause us to over-seed part of the yard with mixed fescue grass seed. By the time we sell off the house we hope to have the yard at its best. This will include updated landscaping in the front yard. I can’t wait to be rid of yard work and maintaining all the gas powered equipment that goes with it.

We are making little progress on downsizing. We plan on enjoying our “stuff” for now and really focusing on selling off, disposing of or giving away property in about two years from now. Karen boxed up some items and gave them to her nephew who is establishing his home.  A good friend at work has started selling items with his wife at the local flea market and is having luck. Eventually we may get with them and find out the secrets to their success. His wife makes a business of it. With winter on the way I hope to spend the next month or two knocking out a few items on the 2015 to-do list. Unfortunately I’ll be moving a few outdoor tasks to next year.

We took a day last week to complete a couple small items. I had been disappointed with my progress getting things done. I’ve been working a lot of overtime at the office so I’ll blame it on that. No big deal.  Karen discovered a cleaning product I want to pass along. After 14 years of use, the fireplace smoke had left staining on the surrounding tiles. I have always cleaned the glass doors using just water and fireplace ashes smeared on a paper towel. I was not looking forward to having to replace the tile. Karen saved me a couple days work.

Mr Clean Eraser
She used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub the soot from the fireplace tiles. Actually there was no scrubbing to it. She wet the Eraser and wiped the soot off.  I spent the day painting the front door and outside shutters.

You may have noticed my last few posts began with “Life in Kansas City”. I’ve decided to us that tag when writing about general topics back here at home before we retire. Future posts may include topics such as what we are doing to; improve our physical, mental and spiritual health, cutting reoccurring monthly expenses and some big decisions such as do we move to having just one family car.

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