Life in Kansas City – Work Picnic and New Fifth Wheel Models

We h6019086-Royals-Honor-Fallen-KC-Firefightersave been busy watching the Kansas City Royals in post season play.  During a break from baseball Karen and I attended a picnic for local fire fighters and law enforcement held just outside Kearney Missouri. We had a great time. The fire fighters were a little late to the gathering as unfortunately they were filling in at Kansas City fire stations while members of the city fire department attended the funeral for two fallen fire fighters. After pulling people from a burning building a wall collapsed on two members. What a terrible event for the families and members of their department. The Royals came out with a ball cap in honor of the fireman. Citizens are buying the hat with the proceeds going to the families.

The big event at the picnic, other than a large fireworks display, was Karen helping setup a balloon and getting a short ride. Unfortunately, wind forced the pilot to keep the balloon close to the ground, tethered to several trucks. Karen was smiling the entire time. She jumped right in, holding a corner of the balloon while it filled with air. She was the first to climb in the basket, ready for her ride. The favorite part for me was watching Karen have fun. Personally, I can think of better ways to die than falling out of a balloon.

WP_20151017_002 (640x357)

WP_20151017_003 (640x353)WP_20151017_024 (640x360)WP_20151017_029 (640x345)

I always try and add at least one topic in a post related to Rving.  Kearney Missouri is the birth place of Jesse and Frank James. The County runs the historic site where their farm in located. You can take a tour of the farm and nearby museum. Jesse is buried at a local cemetery. The grave is hard to find so I’d suggest searching the internet for a picture before wondering through the grave markers.  Our own home is located across the street from an old tavern site that had been owned by the Ford family. Robert Ford was the person that shot Jesse James. His father and the James boy’s father knew each other as they were local church ministers. If you visit Kansas City I’d recommend staying at Smithville Lake.  Here is a link to my review of the RV park at Smithville Lake or my second choice which is Basswood Resort. I continue to evaluate local RV parks so my opinion is subject to change.

I’ve also been spending some time researching Jayco’s new Designer fifth wheel and another by a new company called Augusta RV. We would have to buy a used model to fit our budget.

Luxe by Augusta

Luxe by Augusta

Jayco Designer (700x350)

Jayco Designer

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