Website of Interest – RV Service Reviews

Came across the RV Service Reviews website while reading a recent forum post. Thought I would pass the link along to those who are interested. Normally I just add the link to the Planning Resources page.  Every now and then I find a site worth mentioning in a blog post.

Reviews Sorted by State

Reviews Sorted by State

On a related topic, I’ve started paying closer attention to what others are reporting about service after they purchased their rig. I’ve added a step in the process for rig selection which now includes researching if the manufacturer is known for fixing problems and if they have good customer service habits.

Comments are always welcome.

2 thoughts on “Website of Interest – RV Service Reviews

  1. Bill, I was reading about your trip when you were posting it on your blog. That’s a lot of miles. I’m hoping many of the repairs that have to be done on a rig are relatively easy for beginners like myself. Or at least can wait until we are close to someone that knows what they are doing.


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