Renting an RV – What we Learned

Click Here for my first blog post in the series regarding our rental experience.

Those with more experience traveling in an RV you may want to skip this one. For the sake of thoroughness I’ve developed this list of what we learned that may not have shown up within earlier blog posts:


  • Excellent way to meet workcampers, full-timers and other seasoned vets.
  • With the dogs some of the family may not want to stay inside the rig while visiting because they are allergic. So we found a campsite with amenities like an air conditioned place to meet.
  • We found things to do without each other. Such as laundry, walking the dogs and visiting neighbors.
  • Separation of space could even be found in a 25’ rig.
  • The parks were busy on the weekends. It actually was a good thing to have a change from quite spots during the week.
  • Although it will be hard to get used to having people so near. I was worried our television might be loud or they would hear the dogs bark. We live on acreage now. It will be a big change.


  • Cell phone works for trip planning and locating campsites while stopped. We just searched the next town for close locations.
  • Cooking extra food before travel day so we can throw it in the microwave at rest stops. Another plus for having a generator.
  • We took the dog to the vet while out of town. We can handle animal emergencies.
  • Hail is loud on the roof and we watched storms more closely.
  • Take quarters for the laundry and vending machines.
  • Make sure the dead bolt for the rig entrance is latched. That way the door does not swing open. Glad we had just pulled out a few feet and discovered that one.
  • Learned using Microsoft Word to write blog entries works when there is no Wi-Fi. I uploaded to the blog later.
  • Could have used a book of US Interstate maps. I’ll get one that includes state highways.
  • We could have used a board game one night when it was raining.
  • Take bins to wash dishes outside at times.
  • There is no one stop for trip planning. We used several different web sites.
  • Not having a toad or daily driver would get old.
  • I liked being next to one another while driving. This may have helped in making a decision to have her follow the fifth wheel in a car or not.

RV Rig

  • There is merit to having at least one 12 volt television that can run off the RV batteries.
  • Ability to run the water heater and fridge off propane came in handy. Lots of batteries and a generator would work also. Especially when the campsite does not have true 30 amp service or the power goes out for an extended amount of time.
  • Read the manuals for everything. Was the third day before I learned how to set the noisy air conditioners fan to shut off when the compressor was not running.
  • There was a switch in the fuse box inside the rig for rapid battery charging. Forrest River called theirs a wizard button.
  • We have to come up with a system to let the other person know when we store something in the RV in a different place. My system right now is look for the item for 10 minutes then ask Karen where she moved it.
  • Take a power plug adapter. One location put us in a 50 amp spot when we only had 30 amp service at the rig.
  • There was no room for a double roll of toilet paper on the dispenser. Guess I’ll have to check that one in all the rigs we look at before purchase. LOL
  • Queen mattress size worked fine. We will measure ours at home and compare it before buying.
  • Lots of heat comes through windows that are not double pane. Especially the front windows of the motorhome.
  • I’d like to have at least one larger storage compartment outside that can handle wet items.
  • Reversible patio mat gave us a minor change of decor. Never knew there were companies that specialize in these mats. The one we used was easy to broom off. And one person could quickly fold it up.
  • Fresh and grey water meter worked well. It indicated the black tank was full even when empty. I know there are a couple of systems for measuring tanks. I’ll definitely research which is best. Now we also know to get the largest grey water and fresh water tank possible. Especially the grey tank because of having only electric and water sites. Grey water tank filled up quickly without a sewer connection. I’ll have a box of disposable gloves for use at the dump station.
  • Even a cheap Walmart water filter hooked to the hose is better than none. A guy parked next to us showed me the rust his filter had captured out of the water.
  • We learned what we did and did not like in the rigs floor plan. We liked the shower door and had never seen the folding type before.
  • We would have liked the ability to dim the lighting in some areas. Or at least a high and low switch.
  • AC that is not ducted is hard to talk over.
  • Pay attention where the 12 volt plugs are located.
  • The new HD television antenna are nice. No need to crank them up.

Some may be asking did we learn if we could stand living fulltime in an RV. Eight days in a 25’ rental is not enough time to judge that.  We did however spend time talking about what we would be giving up and what we would be gaining.

3 thoughts on “Renting an RV – What we Learned

    • Funny how we would have the same “where is it” situation in our home and in a 25′ RV. Some things never change. Several times during our trip in the rental RV Karen mentioned how it would be nice to have our own rig so she could find the perfect spot for items. Figure the “perfect spot” will be a moving target for a few months. It’s no easier for me to find the perfect spot. For example, I had taken a small bag of tools on the trip. Used the larger pliers at every stop and when leaving to hook the water hose to the parks service. After a couple times using the pliers I moved them from the bag to right next to the water hose in storage. After that there was no need to walk to the other side of the camper, open a tool bag, fish threw the contents to find the pliers and then walk back to the hose. One thing I’ve always learned from watching how older people do things is they tend to figure out what works the easiest. Guess I’m getting older!

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