Renting an RV – Day Seven of Trip

First leg of trip home. Amana RV Park and Event Center

We broke camp at Covert Park Michigan bright and early which was about 9:30 am. We are on vacation so that’s early! It had started to rain hard overnight. This is a more rustic park and the folks next to us were in a tent – for about an hour – and then left. We never saw them before we left although their tent was still standing.

During the drive towards the Amana Colonies in Iowa we ate lunch at a rest stop. We also stop once during our four and a half hour (drive-time) trips at truck stops for fuel.  I’ve started to learn which gas stations to watch for. Although this 25’ motorhome has turned out to have little problem maneuvering around obstacles.

At the rest stop I noticed a larger DRV Elite Suites fifth wheel attached to a large truck. An older gentleman was sitting nearby on a bench and I guessed correctly he was driving the big truck. I asked if the Mobile Suites was his and if he liked the Morryde suspension system and pin attached to the trailer. He was very friendly and I soon discovered he had been running RV parks and traveling for over 25 years. He laughed and said he knew the top management at Morryde. If I went to their factory I would see a pile of suspensions and pins from other manufacturers where owners brought their rigs in and had Morryde systems installed. This includes brand new trailers. He said he had owned about one of everything and there was absolutely no way he would own another trailer without the Morryde system He went on to say he has had six major issues with his DRV and there are minor things that need to be fixed as well. I supposed he had a residential refrigerator and he laughed again. He said no way would he have one. He dry camps at times and would not be without the double door propane/electric fridge. He is already looking at getting another trailer. This time it’s going to be a Continental Coach fifth wheel. He said he once owned a Newmar fifth wheel and would buy another if they were still building them. He showed me a series of photos of a Continental Coach he was looking at. He pointed out all the great construction methods, calling them user friendly in that everything was easy to get at. On his expensive DRV Elite Suites you have to about tear it apart to get at the manual slide control in the event a slide will not operate. Not so on the Continental. He added he prefers slides that are electric, using a rod with threads, because they have less problems compared to hydraulic slides.

I should add we had a scare when our single electric slide did not retract a couple of days ago. I checked everything and then looked for the manual control. I’ve learned to unhook the electrical service last before moving. I went outside, unhooked the electric, plugged it back in and the slide worked. I assume something had to reset itself but also know the slide works off the battery as well.

We arrived at the Amana RV Park by 4:30 pm, having picked up an extra hour because of the time difference with Michigan. Yet again we are able to experience a different kind of park. This one is cut out of the center of corn fields. What a great place, with level lots and a complete view of the sky without trees. There is a library and game room. This is a great park for stays when traveling on I 80 between Des Moines and Chicago!

As we checked in we learned the couple running the park on that shift had been workcamping since 2003. The lady said they had gone from a 38’ fifth wheel to a 34’ motorhome and wished they would go back to a fifth wheel because of the space. They work here from March to October and help setup the park for each coming session. Her husband said it is getting harder to find people to work for that provide their RV spot and pay for all hours worked, adding their social security checks don’t go very far towards their monetary needs. We talked again later and before long the husband asked if we would be ready to go fulltime next year. He said one of the three couples that are part of the workcamping workforce at the park is retiring and not coming back next year. He said he might be able to get us the spot if we wanted it. Although tempting I had to pass on the offer because it’s not in the plan. They work two 11 hour days and have four off.  One guy does the mowing, they run the office and show people to their spots. The bathrooms are cleaned by the owner of the park’s daughter other than two days a week when the workcampers clean them.  He said they have a very good system where everyone has set responsibilities. His wife said she loves the work and would like to find jobs in Florida. Even for a couple with so much experience they find it hard to get paying workcamping jobs in Florida during winter.

We setup at our camp spot in the now usual 20 minutes. The camp host loaned us a 50 to 30 amp adaptor which was nice of him. Made some coffee outside, walked the dogs and heated up some food. Karen and I were tired from the trip, read a little and went to bed. I could see spending some time workcamping here. This was the first stop where we had WIFI.  The TV signal and our phones were also at their strongest.  With the tourist attractions nearly within walking distance of the park I could also see spending a month here.

We did not take any photos, but here are a few I found on the internet:

amana rv 1

Amama 3 (800x533)

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