Renting an RV – Day Six of Trip

Covert Park Beach and Campground – Covert Michigan

We spent the larger part of the day on the beach at Lake Michigan. Karen used to come to Covert Park when she lived in Michigan. She last stayed here 24 years ago when some friends were building and operating the campground. For those that don’t stay at the park they can get access to the beach for $7 a car load.  There are other free beaches within five miles that are dog friendly. Covert Park Beach Campground does not allow dogs on the beach. During an earlier post I talked about our dog Huck coming out of his shell and turning out to really enjoy the trip. Karen said he smiles all the time in his photos during the trip.

Huck on left smiling

Huck on left smiling

Our RV rental trip is winding down. We have learned a lot to include such seemingly minor things such as we definitely want slam latches on our future rig.

We lived through another storm. Man, it’s loud when the hail hits the roof! We did not have a weather radio but were able to follow the storm which was broadcasted by Chicago area television.  We have no cell phone nor internet coverage here.

During the storm Karen and I drifted to other parts of the camper. I was in the bedroom reading and watching TV while she was in the dining area reading. This was not planned, it just happened. Perhaps the storm event was more important than just knowing we could handle the storm. We had no problem finding separated spaces even inside a 25’ motorhome. Earlier she went through the campground and beach taking photos while I stayed behind to read a new book about Military Police in Iraq I got for my birthday.

I decided to cook up the remaining hamburgers and other meat while I had the fire pit setup with charcoal. That way we would only have to heat up burgers in the microwave during the trip home which we decided will be through Amana Iowa. I learned I would not be taking a charcoal grill with us at first while fulltiming. The new fire pit grate I bought is working well by spanning the fire pit. So far none of the parks we stayed in had a barbeque grill located at the camp site.

We will be back to this park. The weekly rental rate is $170 and it looks like I might be able to get a 40’ rig into a couple spots. A 30’ rig would definitely fit with ease.

IMG_0114 (800x525)

Path to beach from camp site

IMG_0181 (800x515)IMG_0174 (800x533)

Office at entrance - with sharp turn to camp site

Office at entrance – with sharp turn to camp site

IMG_0163 (800x531)

View from beach

View from beach

Our spot

Our spot

2 thoughts on “Renting an RV – Day Six of Trip

    • Hi Debbie,

      Karen really enjoyed going back to her youth by visiting the camp spot. There is grass (she called it dune grass) planted in the sand between the beach and camp site to stop erosion. Karen was telling me how years ago she helped planting all the grass plugs. It was nice to see it had spread as far as the eye could see. If I had a 40′ rig I’d probably try another campground but would for sure call to make sure they could or could not handle one at Covert Park Beach. Lake Michigan was refreshing in the heat. The campground reminded me of a Missouri state park with the added bonus of a large ocean like lake attached to it. The cabins are too hot to stay in with no AC. And NO sharks or alligators!


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