Renting an RV – Day Five of Trip

Covert Park Beach and Campground – Covert Michigan

Today’s post turned out to be longer than I thought it would be so I’m not combining it with day six.

Since our last fuel-up I’ve been driving five miles an hour under the speed limit or 65. Miles per gallon today was 8.7 which is hardly different than when I just drove however I wanted.  This is a gas rig running an E450 engine. The empty weight listed on the sticker by the door was 10,756 pounds and limits the cargo, fuel, water, other storage and passenger weight to another 3,300 pounds. This Class C has about as large a basement area as any larger fifth wheel.  Driving just under the speed limit has proved to make the drive more enjoyable. Folks just pass us and I don’t have to worry as much if someone is in our blind spot. It allows for a little more reaction time and I have a chance to enjoy the view out the windshield. Note, I recently read you should not drive faster than the tires are rated for. According to others, 65 mph is a typical RV tire rating.

The trip to Covert Michigan was short and uneventful. The campground is rustic and sits directly on the side of Lake Michigan although none of the camping spots are on the beach. Karen spent much of her young adult years camping here with friends. I had reserved a spot for two nights with a credit card while in Kansas City.  Cost was $32 a night with water and electric.  All the camp sites are surrounded by tall Michigan trees. The walk to the beach is short and we can wade out for a long ways where the water is up to your chest.  Karen said this is a good time of year for swimming in Lake Michigan because the water is at its warmest. It felt cold at first but became relaxing even though the outside temperature was only in the lower 80’s.  I’ll get Karen to take some photos of the park and post them. If you are looking up the park don’t get it confused with the KOA campground.

Location of Park

Location of Park – Click to Enlarge

Dogs are not allowed on the beach here. There are a few dog friendly (and free) beaches in the immediate area.

Of special note is Karen’s sister Kathy and husband Eugene rented one of the two small cabins for the first night of our two night stay. We had a good time on the beach and eating steaks cooked from the fire pit. Tomorrow we have our breakfast menu and lunch planned out as well.  It’s nice having them along. The cabins only have sleeping areas and no air conditioning.

I’ve discovered a couple of valuable lessons and observations about the RV lifestyle from a personal point of view. I’m not sure blogging about each day on the road will be in the cards for me. Maybe that will change when Karen and I are on the road fulltime once I’ve got the internet connections figured out and am not so busy having tons of fun on vacation. I’m sure I’ll want to blog about our longer stays in order to at least have a photo journal of our trips.  This trip however is also about learning the RV way and letting you guys know our experiences that might answer questions you have regarding renting an RV.

So far each park where we have stayed we were escorted to our spot. When I pulled in at Covert Park I found it to be run by a couple. He was sitting on a picnic bench in front of the office watching the traffic backup where they had parked a golf cart with a sign stating the beach was full.  There is parking at the beach where those that are not renting a camping spot can park after paying a $7 fee.  There was a lady behind the counter who had all the paperwork done upon our arrival. She said we were in spot #9 and to turn right to find the spot. She did not offer a map and when asked what side of the spot the hookups were on she said she did not know. I might have gotten off on a bad note with her when I said telling someone who is driving a motorhome you don’t know what side the hookups are on is a bad idea. She said why was that? I said because we don’t like backing up and running over kids in the street.  She then pulled a map out and showed me the spot. The sand/gravel road was a one-way street so I correctly made the assumption the hookups would be on the driver’s side.  Karen walked to the spot and confirmed this. The second time backing the RV into a spot went great. We were hooked up and ready to go to the beach in 15 minutes.  I had to make a sharp right turn (left turns are easier) at the main entrance around the golf cart. I told the male host sitting on the picnic table I’d appreciate him moving the golf cart out of the road to make the turn easier because if the tail of the motorhome hit the picnic table he was sitting on it would send it into the woods.  He said just give it a try. Guess I should not have doubted my newly acquired driving skills because I made the turn while only backing up once. I watched the rear camera, not to make sure I made the turn, but knowing I would not want to miss hitting the table and watching him move from his seated position for what may have been the first time that day. This time of year is late in the season and I’m sure the couple running the park are a bit tired of it. No worries, I prefer to laugh about it rather than dwell on it.  That’s a new emotion for me!

One last thing before I finish today’s epic blog post.  Our cocker spaniel Huck is a little scared of new things. Ringo is the opposite. If you say the word truck around Ringo you better have your keys in your hand because Ringo is ready to go.  I can’t believe how Huck is enjoying the trip. Karen says he even smiles in his photos. Both the boys are doing so well with it all. We turn the air conditioner and radio on in the RV while we are gone with them inside. We also close the window curtains and often come back to find them sleeping. We are learning a lot about traveling with pets. If you have any questions for us or comments about traveling with pets let me know. I’m no expert but can at least pass along what we experienced.

We really appreciate our neighbor Joyce back home in Kansas City watching the cats for us. Thank you Joyce!

4 thoughts on “Renting an RV – Day Five of Trip

  1. We’ve been part time RV’ers for nine years (we still have our house to return to after long RV trips) and when I talk to people about our experiences they say that sounds like fun but I’m not sure if RV’ing is for me I always tell them to rent and RV to see if they like it. Interesting to hear she didn’t know what side the hookups are on. In our nine years of travel the hookups on almost all back in sites have been on the driver’s side. When they aren’t it is usually an older park. We have not stayed in a lot of parks that escort you to your site but then we mostly stay in public parks. Usually we get a map when we check in and they give us directions. But all campgrounds are different!

    Safe travels and happy camping!


    • Thanks for posting Wandering Dawgs. That sounds like an native American name. LOL. It was an older park and I was worried we would run into some tight corners in the RV. Worked out having the wife walk in and let me know what roads looked like leading to the spot. Smaller park so she did not have to walk far. Once the management showed me a park map it became apparent we would be okay.

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