Renting an RV – Day Four of Trip

Lake Chumung Outdoor Resort: Howell Michigan

I may be able to combine days 5 and 6 of our trip into one post. I’m not used to putting out daily posts on the blog and for those less interested feel free to skip these about our trip. I’ll do a summary of what we learned about our rental experience at a later date.

I spent some time reading about operating the RV Domestic thermostat before Karen found all the owner’s manuals in a cabinet. The 25’ Class C has plenty of storage for our short trip. So far the motorhome has been holding up well other than the 12 volt power supply to one of the two television melted while watching television.  Do any of you have a point of view concerning the benefit of having at least one 12 volt television, maybe in the bedroom, to watch when there are no electrical hookups? I sent an email to the rental company so they would have a heads up to replace the power supply for the next renter.

Lake Chumung is a first class resort so we did not have to use our waste and water holding tanks. We are however getting the hang of when to conserve water and waste tank space as the rigs smaller tanks are giving us a feel for what we might want when we go fulltime.

I’ve been doing all the route planning from my cell phone as every spot we have been in has not had good WIFI. Mostly I concern myself with looking at the trip around larger cities to find out what lane I might want to be in when changing interstates.

Today we attended church with Karen’s mother and trip planning was a necessity. The City of Howell Michigan had an annual festival so traffic was detoured. They did a fine job of selecting the detour road which had no low hanging spots that would damage the RV and the roadways were wide at turns. Suppose trucks have to use the same detours. I’ve learned truckers are our best friends.  I looked at the church parking lot on Google Earth and Karen called the Pastor the night before our visit to ask if we could park in the back portion of their lot. The Pastor said that would be fine, the area is seldom used. He even offered to let us camp out in the lot overnight if we wanted to.

What a great family day we had. My brother-in-law Eugene and I went shopping. As I’m sure most of you are also doing, I’m trying not to buy anything I would want to sell later when we go fulltime.

The family got together at our RV lot for a cookout. It was wonderful. Karen and I walked the park with the dogs later enjoying the “Christmas” celebration which included a parade of golf carts lit up with Christmas lights. At 8:00 pm there was a community bon fire which we missed. Karen took some wonderful photos of the resort that I posted below.

I’d definitely consider staying here for a month or so. The resort is also a popular spot for those avoiding the hot weather in Florida. There are rental spots available but most of the park is full of folks that bought their lots. I took a look at a few spots that were for sale. Seemed like the average RV lot with hookups was going for about $35,000. I did not see any lake front lots for sale which did not already have a park model on it.

We are off to Covert Park Beach and Campground next.  This stop will be in a more rustic park located alongside Lake Michigan.

Smaller fishing pond

Smaller fishing pond

Me - the beach bum

Me – the beach bum

The lake with homes along the banks

The lake with homes along the banks

Lots of nice landscaping

Lots of nice landscaping

Indoor pool near office and security gate

Indoor pool near office and security gate

Another view of lake

Another view of lake

Park model with Class A parked in rental spot

Park model with Class A parked in rental spot

One thought on “Renting an RV – Day Four of Trip

  1. Looks like you all are having a great trip and learning some things. I hope you get a chance to do it a few more times so you have a better idea of what you really want in your own rig. We researched things forever and most of the time that research proved correct, but there is nothing like one’s own personal experience. It seems like every trip we learn a few more things, sometimes small things, but its information that we now know that may be important in a future decision. Michigan is on our destination list for next year. We just came back from Nappanee, IN watching our Newmar being built and we enjoyed the cool, lower humidity days there and I’m sure Michigan would be even nicer. We go back in October to Indiana to take delivery of our coach, but its a little late for a Michigan trip and we need to visit my mother in Illinois anyway. We will get to go through Indianapolis a few times though – great fun.

    If you are going to boondock much you probably want a several 6Volt Deep Cycle batteries and a good inverter and then you can watch tv, run your residential fridge and the lights without a problem. You will either need a generator or solar to do it for any length of time. We have an all electric coach with 8 batteries (no propane) and should be able to run all our systems (except AC) with just an occasional charge from the generator. With the generator running we can use everything as long as we have diesel. Our only limits will be the size of the holding tanks. We also had it wired for solar, but we have no panels yet.

    By the way slides make a tremendous difference and really opens up the space.

    Enjoy your vacation and safe travels.



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