Renting an RV – Day Three of Trip

Lake Chumung Outdoor Resort: Howell Michigan

Howell Michigan is where Karen’s mother and sister live.  Also it’s the home of a guy name Eugene who is my favorite brother-in-law and happens to be married to Karen’s sister. We think a lot alike. Everyone came out to visit us at the park about 30 minutes after we arrived. Good thing it only takes 20 minutes to setup camp. We are finding it takes about 45 minutes to break camp.

We are also finding limiting our drives to four or five hours is working well. Lake Chumung Outdoor Resort has a check-in time of 3:00 pm and we don’t get in a hurry to leave in the mornings. We lost an hour during the time zone change and failed to factor that in. No big deal, we (I’m) trying to avoid over planning the trip and just taking it as it comes for the most part.

So far I’ve only gotten a little upset about the driving skills of folks around the south side of Indianapolis. Thought about calling their local news channel and telling them two things. Slow down and fix your roads! Even had three state patrolman pass me at 15 over the limit. They were followed by a string of cars as if the state patrol was leading a parade.  Later Eugene and I sat around laughing as I came up with several ways to slow the traffic down around Indianapolis. I’ve got a spare cat. We don’t plan to take any cats on the road with us in four years. Figured I could throw one of them out the window in Indianapolis. One bouncing off the windshield of a speeding motorist should do the trick slowing the rest of them down. I got to thinking I might need more cats. Or maybe I should just go with Karen’s idea which includes the more sane approach which is don’t worry about missing the exit, there is always another exit down the road.   We should have taken the north loop around the city.

I wrote early about our dog Ringo having a problem with the right side of his muzzle. Karen was searching the internet as we drove trying to figure out what could be causing the problem. Got me even more concerned about my boy as she read off every possible cause for his dropping lower lip and not being able to blink his right eye. The parking lot at the animal hospital in Howell was thankfully very large and easy to park the motorhome in.  Turned out Ringo had an inner ear infection and should be okay after we give him 21 pills and a few weeks to recover.  Whew, I was relieved to know it was an ear problem and not one of those terrible causes Karen was reading on the internet which included everything but the dog having been abducted by aliens.

Suppose I should write a little more about the RV Resort and what we are learning. We stayed in campsite 119 which, like most of the Resort, in surrounded by long-term lot owners. Many own park models (that’s a small modular home looking thing). This is a true resort that butts up to an inland lake with a ton of amenities. I can now check it off the list to back an RV into a spot. No problem, I just followed what I learned on YouTube about driving a motorhome. Karen did a fantastic job of directing me into the spot. We walked around the park while the dogs caught up on their sleep. Ringo had been wanting to ride on my lap or crawl under my feet WHILE driving. Figured out a way to block his access to the driver’s area for safety.

Lake Chumung 1

Park models fill the streets

We paid $40 per night and know for sure we could spend a month at this spot. Howell Michigan is easy to drive around. The downtown area is full of little shops and all the larger box stores are nearby.

The drive to Michigan was the best possible in terms of weather. No cross winds and plenty of sunshine. We did live through our first rain storm while parked. No big deal. We just starting moving everything from outside the camper when we noticed everyone else doing the same. We can also check off another first which is Karen doing a load of laundry in an RV park. The bathrooms and laundry rooms are exceptional at this place. It would have taken a team of four men a week to install all the wall and floor tiles in the bathrooms and showers. Next time I’ll have to carry a roll of quarters instead of buying a roll from the office even though they sold me a roll without complaint. It was late in the day so maybe the lady at the desk had no use for the roll. Her husband was in the office and said they have been staying here since 1996. They stay four months and work part time at the Resort which is gated with a security guard who directed our guests to our spot. The man and his wife return home to southern Florida for the remainder of the year.

I can tell there are a lot of snow birds that spend the summer in the cooler weather here in Michigan. We learned what they do in their spare time. This includes this weekend being their Christmas. I held the door open for a guy carrying a Santa suit and many of the homes had Christmas lights on.  We checked the bulletin boards and learned the area was having a large campfire tomorrow night which we plan to attend.  Lots of other activates were also posted. There’s a golf course attached to the resort for those that play golf. I’m sticking with the miniature golf course near the indoor swimming pool.

I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve all these new experiences. Karen and I are truly experiencing much of what we should expect while on the road once we go fulltime. Which will however not include many $40 a night resorts.

I used a couple of our RV related gadgets while stopped in the park. Thank you again to Tom and Joleen (Karen says this is the proper spelling for your name) for our Christmas gift of the wonderful septic hookup.

Sewer line

15′ Valeria Dominator

I’ll not need to purchase a new charcoal grill. Found this one at a local store for $10. It can easily span a 24″ fire pit, cleans up with a rag and water. Figure we will buy a gas grill later and use this new grill stand because more of the sites we found have a fire pit and no charcoal grill. It is very lightweight so we will not have to pay more in truck fuel to haul it around!

Our new $10 grill

Our new $10 grill

I started to keep track of the miles per gallon for fuel. We are getting about eight miles to the gallon. However, I’m driving 70 or the limit and not worrying about any form of fuel savings.  On the trip home I might consider dropping the speed to see if that makes a difference.  I made a mental note to do some research on how to save fuel when driving a larger rig. On today’s drive I felt very confident in my newly learned driving skills. We have covered 850 miles to date.

I’m keeping track of the costs and will post about them later for those that are interested.

Lastly, I hope I did not upset anyone with my joke about the cats!  We are animal lovers and really enjoy our family of two dogs and two cats.

I’ll include a few photos of the park later as we are staying for two nights.

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