Renting an RV – Part 4 – Day One of Trip

We have nearly finished our trip to Michigan and back in our rented 25′ Forrest River Class C 2650S. I’ve been keeping notes in Microsoft Word in order to write about the trip.

Prior to departure we had a restless night with the RV parked in the front yard at home. Maybe because I was getting over a cold and Karen and had just come down with one. Or maybe because we were excited to get the trip started!

Rental RV in Front Yard (800x415)

Rental RV in the front yard

Snap 2015-08-18 at 17.02.43

Floor plan of rental unit

Before we took off on the trip I discovered the starter on my old Ford F150 was finally worn out. Thank you to my daughter’s father-in-law for his assistance in replacing the starter. Tom you saved the day.  We had decided to drive the truck to the RV rental company where we could park it. When we arrive back our plan is to load our stuff in the truck from the RV and drive home.

Our first night was spent east of St. Louis in Pocahontas Illinois. Karen got on her phone and searched for campgrounds when we were ready to stop. She found Tomahawk Campground.

This is just a stop over park but offered electric and water sites. I would not stay here more than a couple of nights. We learned that we liked having a generator as the electrical service to the park was shut down for five hours. We wanted to enjoy our air conditioning. The management was friendly and the park was off the interstate about seven miles so we avoided highway noise. That night we sat outside looking for the meteor shower that was advertised to occur. We never saw a falling star, meteor or otherwise. It was a good night under the stars anyway.

As I write each of the posts about the trip I’ll concentrate on what we are learning but also use the space to document our journey so Karen and I can look back on it.

It would have been nice to have a board game. Karen mentioned we should have brought some cards. There is nothing to do in the park so the dogs took three walks. The forward bunk on the Class C came in handy for storing a lot of the stuff we figured we would need for the trip. Prior to departure we stacked everything for the trip in two piles, using a check list to make sure we did not forget anything. Loading the rental unit took about three hours. Fortunately the rental company we used allowed us to pick the rig up the night before so we could load it up and take off the next morning.

Nothing much to report for the first day. Once I’ve written about the trip over a series of posts I’ll complete a final post about stuff we learned that might not have shown up in my daily posts.

Our next seven days are posted separately.

IMG_0180 (800x533)

Huck decided the bed was a good spot

While Ringo preferred the floor

While Ringo preferred the floor

Tomahawk spot

Our spot at the park – away from others


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