Researching Dog Friendly Spots and Our Trip to the Dog Park

Last July 3rd we had a day off so decided to take the dogs to the local dog park.  Also did a little research on how to find dog parks and came up with a great resource. is a wonderful site used for trip planning with dogs. Karen and I spent some time on the site and found the nearby Liberty Missouri dog park which we never knew was out there to enjoy. BringFido also includes hiking trails, beaches and more which are dog friendly.

Posted below are a few of my favorite pictures from the park. I also decided to add one additional step in organizing photos. Knowing we will be taking photos from all over the country, I added a folder for the state rather than just keeping photos under separated subfolders. Some time ago, I posted a blog subject asking for help with organizing photos. I’ve been adding to the system. Thank you for the responses!

Snap 2015-07-20 at 19.21.05

First Folder is the State

Snap 2015-07-20 at 19.21.25

Second Folders by Date With Description

Liberty Missouri is the county seat where I live and work. It’s a great little town just off Interstate 35, about 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City. The dog park is within a larger park set out in the hillsides that are common in the area.

Our daughter was unable to meet us at the park. I’m sure she will enjoy these photos:

IMG_0121 (640x427)

Run Timmy

IMG_0119 (640x427)

Huck finally finds a smaller dog

IMG_0098 (640x427)

Water provided from the dog fountain

IMG_0096 (640x427)

Good photo of our other cocker – Ringo

IMG_0063 (640x427)

Hillside in the area

IMG_0043 (640x427)

Dog in the pond

IMG_0120 (640x427)

This little dog was fast – I called him Timmy.

IMG_0060 (640x427)

The “boys” found the shade

  IMG_0093 (640x427) IMG_0090 (640x427) IMG_0064 (640x427) IMG_0059 (640x427) IMG_0056 (640x427) IMG_0052 (640x427) IMG_0039 (640x427) IMG_0037 (640x427) IMG_0033 (640x427) IMG_0030 (640x427) IMG_0029 (640x427)

3 thoughts on “Researching Dog Friendly Spots and Our Trip to the Dog Park

  1. Great photos! I like your file organization system, too. It’s always easier to start using one at the beginning than to reorganize later.


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