Exit Strategy Research

A while back I added a new page on the blog to track what others did when they ended their time on the road in an RV.  This is planning to an extreme but wanted to make sure and have a place to park links and general information that I could use later.

Here is a link to the page:   Long Term Lots and Exit Strategy

I tend to read blogs from start to finish so as to not miss any ideas or interesting travel spots. As Karen and I believe the rig we purchase may be over 35′ I also tend to read blogs where they travel in a large rig. This helps find locations that are big rig friendly.  While reading I started noting how some were purchasing lots in their winter or summer spots, so I added that to the study page as well. I’ve recently heard buildings with RV space referred to as port homes.

Casita (No Bedroom) - Winter Spot

Casita (No Bedroom) – Winter Spot

Permanent Home With RV Parking

Permanent Home With RV Parking

If you have any ideas please let me know. I’ve really appreciated all the replies.


7 thoughts on “Exit Strategy Research

  1. We’ve given this some thoughts as well. Like buy an acre on the river, pour a slab and dig a well. Have checked out some of the towable mini-houses (tow once and plant, I’m thinking). I like the floor plans but construction techniques still leave a lot to be desired. Thinking after years in the rv they will seem spacious!


  2. Funny to see a picture of a coach house in Retama Village in your post. Some places call them casitas, but here they are coach houses. If you ask about a casita that’s a 1 bedroom 720 sq ft house with Full RV hook ups here. 🙂 And then there are the RV Porthomes — house with covered RV parking. People in Retama joke that they don’t leave the neighborhood, they just move as their needs change.

    I know folks who have a porthome here and a lot on a lake in MN for the summer. Depending on the area you may or not feel comfortable leaving the property completely unattended when you are not there. That is one of the advantages I see to a community setting… There is always someone around to keep an eye on things… The potential downside is there will likely be more rules…

    Looking forward to reading more of your plans and progress.


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