Website of Interest

I might as well stop adding links to websites of interest for all things about RV living on my Resources page. After almost a year searching for sites I can’t believe I missed this one!

hitchupandgo is the most complete resource for internet links I’ve found.  Give it a look!

I emailed the owner, Tim Enright, who sent a very nice reply to include adding my blog to the list on his site. Tim wrote “This little project of mine has turned into a life long commitment.”  I have yet to find a broken link and Tim replied to my email within hours.

There is a drop down menu in the upper right that takes the reader to Tim’s well organized pages. You can also subscribe to a newsletter.

4 thoughts on “Website of Interest

  1. Mark,
    Thanks for posting about HitchUpandGo. I stumbled upon that site a while back and never saved it. It is a good resource and thanks for all the info you post too. Keep it up and good luck on our planning. We are excited about finally ordering our new coach so now we can turn our focus to other things – at least until we take delivery. 🙂

    Take care,


  2. I am enjoying your blog so much and HitchUpandGo is a great find. Thanks for sharing it. I got my RV and started full timing just 3 weeks ago. So far it has been good. It has been a struggle in many ways but worth it and I am sure things will even out once I get the hang of it. Please keep up the entertaining and informative posts.


  3. Thanks for the comment Realgoodbear. I would have to think when we finally move to an RV, like other homes in the past, it will not feel like home for a while. What has been your worst struggle these past three weeks?


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