Trip Planning – Visit the Zoo

We are on constant lookout for places we might want to visit while on the road. One approach to trip planning would be selecting a theme.  In this case the theme is what Zoos would we want to make sure to visit.  Karen and I recently visited our local Kansas City Zoo.  There have been major upgrades to the Zoo, having benefited from a two county Zoo tax.  Fortunately, because we live in one of the contributing counties we receive free Zoo passes throughout various days of the year.  It was surprising to me that others I’ve talked with in the county were not aware they could receive passes.  I’ll include a few photos and comments about our visit at the end of this post for those interested.

I’ve discovered a few planning resources for locating tourist stops:

The Zoos we plan to visit are the San Diego Zoo, Omaha Zoo and maybe the St. Louis Zoo. They appear to be the top rated.  We would appreciate any comments regarding your recommendations for Zoo trips.

Karen and I enjoyed our time together at the Kansas City Zoo.

The polar bear exhibit was my favorite. This bear was playful, I think. He was swimming underwater while pushing off the glass that separates the visitors area.

IMG_0039 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x407)  IMG_0010 (1024x683) (800x533) (640x425)

IMG_0038 (1024x683) (800x480) (640x381) IMG_0031 (1024x683) (800x480) (640x342)

I noticed one major improvement at the Zoo is how there seemed to be shade available as we walked between exhibits. There were several exhibits where we could view animals from the air conditioned building.  No more leaving the Zoo because of the heat! And the landscaping was beautiful.

IMG_0255 (1024x683) (800x532) (640x426) IMG_0198 (1024x683) (800x530) (640x423)

IMG_0243 (1024x683) (800x479) (640x382) IMG_0211 (1024x683) (800x521) (640x412)

IMG_0072 (1024x683) (800x532) (640x415) IMG_0074 (1024x683) (800x533) (640x426)

We purchased a pass for all day usage of the train which is on a shorter track, the tram to areas of the Zoo such as Africa and Australia. To save a long walk back, we bought a one way ticket on the sky lift. The lift didn’t seem to be that high up until we actually got to the top.  I’m not big on heights, especially when the seat was held on by what looked like four bolts.  There was a mother and daughter looking down from their seats. I noticed their seat number was 13.  Not sure I would have ridden in that car.  We were able to look down at the animals which was nice.

IMG_0272 (1024x683) (800x532) (640x425) IMG_0277 (1024x683) (800x533) (640x424)

IMG_0262 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x420) IMG_0251 (1024x683) (800x533) (640x426)

Here is a couple photos of Karen and me.

I can drink coffee anytime or anywhere

I can drink coffee anytime or anywhere

And my lovely wife

And my lovely wife

Good hats are a must.  My favorite all time hat is a Tilley. Waterproof and guaranteed for LIFE!

If you are into bird watching, this Zoo had a bunch (flock) of them.  We took time to see a bird show which was in a large theater.  Down below were the trainers who put on a great exhibition. Nothing like having a bird of prey fly so close to your head that you could feel the wind.  They had feeding stations setup to encourage the birds to fly around the room. There were several pens where we walked through double doors which lead directly into large caged areas where birds flew freely around us.

IMG_0144 (1024x683) (800x524) (640x418) IMG_0095 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x427)

IMG_0157 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x427) IMG_0080 (1024x683) (800x506) (640x405)

Of course we had to visit the apes, kittens and sea lion show.

IMG_0237 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x426) IMG_0220 (1024x683) (800x525) (640x420)

IMG_0197 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x415) IMG_0280 (1024x683) (800x534) (640x417)

4 thoughts on “Trip Planning – Visit the Zoo

  1. Another good blog Mark keep it up. We are supposed to leave Monday but not sure now. Thursday we were at McDonalds in Claycomo when I went to park something broke in the steering and I could not steer it. Had it towed to a shop. Just glad we didn’t have the trailer on.


    • Sorry to hear about your truck steering issue. On the 2nd I thought about the fact it was the day, as I recall, you guys were to leave. To bad you had a chance to stay for all the additional rain. The last couple of days the rain has been totally out of control. Last night I was out shutting down roads and we had to evacuate homes on N Highway just north of 291. One by boat. Noticed the large storm moving through Smithville and again wondered how you guys were doing. At leas there are a few places to have a truck fixed in Claycomo of very near. Lots of good dealerships with the Ford plant in town.

      How did you guys handle not having a truck? Assume with family in town it worked out. We have been thinking about the decision to keep a follow vehicle or not, especially since we will be stopped for longer stays. Figure we will wait and make that decision when on the road as both our cars would not be ones we would want to keep anyway.


    • I’m trying to avoid locking in any one theme so we can keep things a little random in retirement. But we do enjoy Zoos.

      I believe you guys are the ones that decided on a front living room plan. What made you select one? At the last RV show we found ourselves attracted to them because they feel like three separate living spaces and we liked the height of the bedroom. Many had a rear basement area to make up for the lost space in the regular basement spot.

      One downside we thought about was having the stairs leading to the living room could get old – but then again its only a couple and there are stairs to deal with just getting into any rig.

      Would be interested in your opinion. Thanks


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