Long Term Storage Security

We have decided to postpone the decision to use long term storage of property we might want to keep for our last year of planning. The decision to keep a storage unit or not is a personal choice and something I’m not intending to include to any large degree in this blog post.

Disc Lock

Disc Lock

A recent spike in theft from local storage facilities has me thinking about security of our belongs should we ever decide to use a storage facility. Sure, there are good locks. My personal preference are disc locks.

Then there is the decision to use a customary public storage locker, a storage box such as those offered by PODS, Pack Rat and others. Or perhaps leaving items with family might be an option.  Each has it’s benefit and concerns not the least is intruding on family.

All things considered, for us, long term storage may have more to do with not wanting to dispose of valuable or hard to replace items.  Therefore the items stored would have greater value. And the chance our items could be stolen is a possibility.

Thieves come up with creative ways to get at property. This includes cutting locks off and replacing them with another lock which delays discovery of the theft. Should a theft occur law enforcement might expect you to be present when making a report. This might not be possible during instances where perhaps a family member, friend or you check the storage facility every few months or more.  I’ve not checked the pricing for renter insurance so I can’t say if it is available or not. Besides, the stolen items might not be replaceable if it’s a family treasure.

There are steps one can take to help law enforcement such as having serial numbers, photos or engraving your name on items.  Yet still this would not guarantee discovery of your stolen property nor if you would not be asked to return and appear in court.

In conclusion, part of the decision to keep property in storage has to be the risk of theft.

Wonder if I could figure out how to rig one of those blue dye packs that explode like they use in a bank? Then again, although in Missouri breaking into a storage building is technically a felony, the crook would probably sue if he got blue dye in his eyes.


3 thoughts on “Long Term Storage Security

  1. Mark,

    A lot of facilities have door slide locks with places for two locks. I would think having two disc locks would act as a deterrent…sort of like having a Club steering wheel lock in your vehicle.



  2. “Target hardening” is when you add a level of security to make it harder for someone to break in. I could see a double lock could cause them to move past one storage unit to another less protected. After I wrote about them putting a lock on after a break in to delay discovery of the theft, I got to thinking they may have also decided there were good items they wanted to come back for. Trail cameras are an economic security measure, although the batteries have to be changed at some point. They might steal the camera so I’d think management of the storage facility might have to put the camera somewhere outside the unit.

    Thanks for the tip to look for a unit with two latches. Think you can get locks with matching keys.


  3. We had a storage unit years ago. Our unit was broken into. The thieves got away with a nice engine hoist. At the time we had a ‘master’ lock. The facility suggested the disc lock. We used it for the remaining time of our rental and liked it very much. We did have insurance but the hoist didn’t have any ID on it. Sadly, it was never recovered.


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