KC Area RV Park Review: Basswood Resort

In our continued quest to find a Kansas City RV park for long terms stays, Karen and I visited Basswood Resort near Platte City Missouri. The ideal park would be great for monthly and longer stays, have full hookups and the possibility to workcamp.  We hope you get a few ideas should you be looking for a local park during those trips back home.

This park is about 30 minutes north of downtown Kansas City. It has easy access to local towns for shopping such as Smithville or Platte City. What comes to mind first is; Basswood is big rig friendly, a little pricey, have fairly good amenities and a chance to workcamp. This is a large, spread out park tucked away in a country setting.  I did not test the WIFI but reviews are that it’s not good unless you are by the office. I was receiving 3G service on my Verizon account. RV Park Review.com ratings are 4 star. 

Store and Cart Rental

Store and Cart Rental

I phoned Basswood before we drove out.  On arrival we met with the workcamper I had spoken with on the phone. This is early in the season (4/26/15), however the folks at the counter were busy taking reservations and answering camper’s questions.

Even RV Accessories in the Store

Even Had RV Accessories in the Store

The workcamper was excited to see us and spent at least 15 minutes describing how they had worked around the country. This was her second year at Basswood and said the Resort prefers to hire couples who can work fulltime for the season. Although I met a lady who was planting flowers who was a solo workcamper.  Her husband works outside the park at his fulltime job. They are retiring soon, sold their farm and have a rig in the park.

We were handed a day pass to hang from the mirror along with a park map. I might add this park is located about 45 minutes from where we now live.  It’s not close to the highway so there was no vehicle noise.  It is close to Kansas City International Airport so there might be noise from planes, although I did not hear any at the time. Our GPS was off when we got closer to the park but got us in the general area. The roads leading to the entrance are wide to include at the curves.
IMG_0150 (800x533) (800x533) (640x426)IMG_0141 (2048x1258) (640x393)

We took a few photos of the area which will help refresh our memory. My last blog post had to do with editing photos for the blog. The viewer comments were greatly appreciated! Over time we may have visited a dozen or more parks and plan to rate them. Hopefully, we can find two parks that meet our needs just in case one is full.  We may also find a shorter stay park for times when it’s appropriate.

Series of Smaller Ponds

Series of Smaller Ponds

There is a series of smaller ponds (fee for fishing) with a larger attached “lake.” The workcamper planting flowers said they can have issues with mosquitos. Frankly, some of the camping areas needed a little weed control and over seeding with grass in the fall. This could help the problem.

Some Have Concrete Pads

Some Have Concrete Pads

There were plenty of pull-through spots for us new rig operators as well as back-in concrete pads. The roads leading to RV spots were paved. The trees were maintained which I understand is important so they don’t drag on the roof.

Rental Cabins

Rental Cabins

A few available options include individual cabin rentals and what I believed to be a smaller motel. This could come in handy if we ever planned a large family event. The road leading to the cabins also allows access to private tent camping surrounded by trees. This road is mostly dirt and needs some attention. Our family car made it just fine. If it had rained the road could have been an issue.

Dog Yard

Dog Yard

And the all important, to us, dog yard!  Karen and I will have a dog and an area to play in will be among our list of wants as we travel. We talked with a local resident in the yard. They are staying in their travel trailer while looking for a home to buy as her husband’s job was transferred to Kanas City.

IMG_0205 (2048x1389) (640x434)
There was a smaller swimming pool near a nice play set for children.  While at the park I noticed a number of kids running around. Apparently it’s a popular place for locals to take the family during vacations.  Of course the Resort had a nice shelter house along with a shuffle board court and horse shoe pits.  If I heard correctly, there is a small fee to rent the required equipment. I should also point out there were cable TV hookups at each site. WIFI comes with a added fee.

Used to Heat Pipes?

Used to Heat Pipes?

Perhaps one of you more experienced campers can explain this plug running along the water line? I suppose it heats the pipe. I did not ask if it was functional. I also noticed individual low wattage lights mounted on posts in several RV sites.

In conclusion, there were several concerns I had at the Resort which leads me to continue searching for the ideal park. Grounds maintenance is most lacking, although they replaced the groundskeeper this year. The Resort is in proximity of two State Parks and Smithville Lake, all of which have RV spots for shorter stays.  Karen and I had a wonderful time together on this Sunday outing.  Being with her was the best part for me.


6 thoughts on “KC Area RV Park Review: Basswood Resort

  1. Mark they are open all winter. We lived there for a year after we sold our house and I was still working. Mangers were clue less on how to run the place. When we come home now for visit’s we stay at Smithville lake. You can stay in each (2) parks for 30 days, we have been here since April 6 and plan to leave and head to CO. on June 1 for our summer job.


    • I have a feeling Smithville Lake is going to be the place for us. I’ve got a few others to check. I’m a Clay County employee and have stayed at the lake a few times in the past. So what do you guys do after spending the 15 days in each area of the park? Do you just move back and forth, dumping your tanks in between?

      I read your guys blog from start to finish a few months ago. Hope you are doing well and still enjoying the road.

      I’ve got an in with park management I suppose. Guys at work and the Park Rangers suggested we might want to sign on as camp hosts but I’m concerned that would take to much of our summer time. Might rather spend the time in a new area of the country.

      Karen is in Michigan until Thursday. Maybe we could come out and meet you guys once she is back.


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