Another Benefit of Planning to Go Fulltime in an RV

A few months back I wrote about a benefit of planning for a future in an RV which was deciding not to buy anymore junk that we would eventually have to dispose of. Last night another benefit hit me head on.  I suppose this benefit is not unique to just folks planning to travel fulltime, but to all that are planning for retirement.  For the first time I am content with my position in life as it relates to work!

Karen and I have a goal to be part of the 2019 class. Knowing there is no point in pursuing promotion at work beyond that date is more than a relief to me. I’ve never had that feeling before.  Not that I plan to slow down and do anything less than 100% at work. It’s just that I don’t care to participate in climbing a ladder nor caring about the politics in the workplace. I’m content…..

(update October 2017) I turned down a promotion at work. Management even said they knew I would be retiring in two years and wanted to see if I’d at least take the job for those two years.  Does not fit in my plan – so answer was no.  A month later, still no regrets)

That’s the end of the blog post. I can’t think of a more descriptive way to say anything else about the subject other than it is a wonderful feeling.

2 thoughts on “Another Benefit of Planning to Go Fulltime in an RV

  1. Have you announced your plans or this blog at work? The reason I ask this, is because an employee tends to become invisible, once they have revealed their plans. Good news is, that lasts only until you walk out the door for the final time. Also, while you will be overly excited with your upcoming new life, your younger coworkers may not be, and some jealousy and envy might be directed your way. The whole transition to retirement is a strange phenomenon, for sure. I would include ‘how to transition from work to retirement’ in your research and planning, as it is such a crucial aspect of this stage in your life. Just note that it involves mostly emotions…yours, Karen’s and your co-workers…thereby making it untrackable to the planner in you. That’s coming in good spirit from a fellow Excel geek, Mark. 🙂



    • Jim,

      My direct co-workers are aware of my retirement plans. It’s not uncommon for law enforcement to retire around 55, so that is something management should expect. I’m wondering what the emotions will be like and figure I can handle them when the time comes.

      Thanks for the heads-up on what could happen.

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