Photo Management

I was wondering what everyone else is using for photo management?

I downloaded Picasa but found the program more complex than what was required for my needs. For now, I’m using the following process:

  1. Download groups of photos into folders by topic. This avoids having to rename each photo. For example, a folder named 2105 Watkins Mill State Park MO contains photos of our visit to the park.
  2. Delete any photos we don’t plan to keep.
  3. Use Microsoft Photo Gallery to crop or resize the photos to reduce the file size. Although others have suggested saving the photos in the original size for the best quality. Fotor is a free application Karen and I sometimes use for individual photo editing. What I like about Photo Gallery is the ability to edit groups of photos at the same time. I crop photos one at a time and then resize the group to 2048 pixels which I’ve read is an excellent size for 8×10 photos.
  4. Backup the files to cloud storage or an SD card to later transfer to a high quality disc.

If I’m going to use a group of photos for a blog post the originals are copied to a separate folder. That way photos can be deleted and resized without touching the originals. I could use some advise regarding photos and blogs. For now, I’ll be using a maximum size of 640 pixels for blog post.

Japanese Dwarf Lilac Bush

Japanese Dwarf Lilac Bush

This is a photo from yesterday. Our favorite bush is in full bloom. I read in a blog where it was recommended not to expect someone to click on a photo to enlarge it. This photo was taken with a Lumia smartphone and sent to my email account.  Then cropped and reduced in size.

9 thoughts on “Photo Management

  1. We are pretty much using the same system, Mark. I start out each photo with the year, then the month, then tha day. A photo from today would be 20150502 Description. So far it has worked fine.



  2. I group photos by date and location and save the jpgs to picassa so I can easy have them available for the blog. I also save all the RAW files on Amazon cloud because they have free unlimited photo storage.


  3. I use a program called ACDSee. It will let me save, crop, resize and make some pretty neat changes to my pictures. I sort them into folders with a general title such as ‘motorcycle rides’, then sub-folders with titles such as ‘Loon Lake, May 2012’. I am scanning my documents in the same way before I shred them. I’ve read a little about Cloud but haven’t set up an account yet.


    • I’ll have to look up ACDsee. Generally I just backup the files to an SD card and after a I get a disc full I move them to a CD or DVD. The cloud space is okay for a quick backup but they have to be uploaded and download which takes some time.


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