Spreadsheet Update – Places We Want to Visit

(Here is a link to the May 2016 update on this topic)

I’ve done some serious updates to our spreadsheet of places we want to visit.  Thought I’d post a screen shot and ask for any recommendations you might have for other changes. I had thought about posting this updated spreadsheet at a later date.  However, I’m looking for feedback as to what I might change to avoid having to make huge revisions months from now.

Spreadsheet 1

In the first version of the spreadsheet I was using separate sheets (pages) for each state. But that made it more difficult to add locations and to sort the data.  Here is a run down of what I’m placing in each column:

  • Zip Code: Thinking this is a great way to sort the data when needed.
  • Date:  When I added the location to the spreadsheet.
  • State: Used for sorting purposes.
  • City: More of the locations are found by Google Maps if I include the state and city.
  • Place: Description of the place we want to visit with a hyperlink.
  • Type: You can see I’m using some basic lettering to categorize the locations.
  • Rank: A scale where 1 is a must visit and 3 is a maybe.
  • Links: For additional hyperlinks to information on the web.
  • Where Heard About: Links to places such as blog posts from others who visited.
  • Notes: General information.

Google Maps Speadsheet

I’m trying to learn how to use Google Maps where I’ve been able to import the data. Figure the map might be a good way to see which direction we might want to travel based on the locations we want to visit.

I’m sure we will most likely just end up roaming around. It’s been fun adding and dreaming about locations.


10 thoughts on “Spreadsheet Update – Places We Want to Visit

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  2. I like the column for links about how you found out about the places. That way you can easily look up what others have thought about it. As we get older, our memories sometimes fail us, so a reminder is good to have.


    • It is working well. I enjoy reading other’s blogs all the way through, especially ones who are spending times doing the same style of rving we are planning. Figure why not take advantage of what others have already discovered and add their favorites to the spreadsheet. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Having been to the National Parks in southern Utah a few times, I’d suggest a trip up there. You can check out Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, and Bryce Canyon all unique in their own way and just a few hours from each other.


    • Thanks for the recommendations. Time permitting I plan to look up a bunch of national parks and add them to the spreadsheet. I’ll keep your recommendations in mind. Sounds like we should plan on spending some extended stays in southern Utah.


  4. I like the idea of mapping as well. I’ve started playing with a site called “Roadtrippers.com” for this purpose. I like it better than Google maps – it offers more overlays with additional information on the stops you select. If you haven’t come upon it yet, give it a look.

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