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I added two new pages in our blog and wanted to take a few moments to point them out:


Construction Methods

I’ve been searching everywhere for a single source regarding the nuts and bolts of RV construction methods.  If it exists I can’t find it.  So I decided to add a page to store all the notes and ideas.  This is a work in progress with a lot to do.  I decided to add a few drop down pages to better categorize items such as electrical, plumbing and finishes. I’m working on insulation methods now and will move on to another topic when done. I’ve included a summary page I’m calling Our Choices and would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. As we are sold on the idea of a fifth wheel I’ve concentrated the research to this type of rig.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

This is my catch all the extra stuff page.  So far I’ve added two drop down pages, Save and Leave Earlier as well as Promising Floor PlansNot that I’m counting, but retirement for us is anywhere from 4.5 years to 7.6 years away.  I came up with a way to help pass the time, making the wait a bit more bearable. The Save and Leave page is a “parking spot” for money we are saving above and beyond our retirement plan in order to leave earlier.  You can go to the page for more details.  The Promising Floor Plans page is where I can park great rigs we come across. Right now I figure the length of the rig will be dictated by the floor plan we like best. And one last new page is Rving Gadgets where I’m parking a few ideas. Although most gadgets will be bought once we are on the road and know for sure what we want or need.


Regarding a unrelated topic, a friend at work announced his retirement last week.  I finally had a chance to sit down with him (he’s not answering his work phone – LOL).  I asked him a simple question, “was there anything about your retirement planning you would have changed.” He said he had no idea you could take your social security while still working; which I took to mean before you retire from your existing job. Although he understood the $15,000 limit on earned income.  He suggested you call first to make an appointment at the social security office to complete the paperwork for retirement, although some of it can be done online.  He just showed up at the social security office which was not a good idea.

We talked about a few other retirement issues.  His wife is 17 years younger so she is still working.  He paid off his house and everything else so they are debt free.  He checked everywhere he could and decided on taking a Cobra benefit for health insurance at $1,300 a month for two of them.  He does not want the high deductibles suggested when he researched other plans.  He now thinks it may have been cheaper to buy a life insurance policy rather than receiving a reduced pension benefit that allowed his wife to receive benefits after his death. Hmm, wife is 17 years younger. I think he made the right call. Otherwise if he had a large life insurance policy there could be an “accident.” 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Blog Pages

  1. “He said he had no idea you could take your social security while still working”…. What?!?
    That statement sure caught my eye! What are you talking about? Is there a link? I never heard of such a thing!


    • Although he knew about the $15,000 earnings limit. I took what he was saying to mean he was not aware you did not have to “retire” from you existing job to start drawing social security. Of course, we know you don’t have to be retired to start drawing social security.


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