Purging – Sold Off Some Beekeeping Equipment


I’m one of those people who goes all out with new hobbies.  A few years ago, Karen and I decided to take on a hobby together as a way of spending more time together doing things we love.  We attended a beekeeping class during the winter months and then some hands-on training in the spring.  We started out with two bee hives,. Five years later we were up to 13 hives. Beekeeping complemented our gardening hobby and sure increased pollination amongst our plantings.

It’s an interesting hobby. However, at least for me, I found keeping 13 hives was taking a little fun out of it.  So we reduced our hive count to nine and today, sold off the extra equipment to a new beekeeper who had been calling for advise.

100_1929.   100_1941.  100_1935

I’m on the look out for others who may have the same interests and would want to “buy us out” of a hobby later.  I’ve also been giving small collectables away to those I know would appreciate them.

At least 80% of the books we have collected over the years are hobby based. This should make it a little easier to find someone who would want to own them after us.

By the time we retire to an RV I’m sure the majority of our remaining beekeeping equipment will be well worn. Some of the heavy items, such as extraction equipment, will still have value.

Well, that’s about the most exciting thing going on back here in our sticks and bricks home.

4 thoughts on “Purging – Sold Off Some Beekeeping Equipment

  1. LOL-I read your entire blog 🙂 Great story and perhaps we’ll meet up on the road one day.
    Our best to you and Karen in your planning stages. I’m going to add your blog to my blog list and follow along as you add posts to it.


  2. I’m sure we will run into each other on the road. Seems like that is a common theme amongst those that have gone before us. I hope so. And thank you for all the fine comments – really appreciate them.


    • Honey from a hobby operation is much better than store bought, kind of like farm eggs vs store bought. Last year we harvested about 17 gallons. The year before about 55 gallons.


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