RV Related Christmas Gifts – 2014

Karen and I received a few RV related gifts from our wonderful family today for Christmas.  It appears they are embracing the idea we are planning to go fulltime.  A big part of our planning includes finding a great spot to come back to here in Missouri to visit family for longer stays.  Karen and I have been talking about family a lot lately. She suggested not only could we stay nearby for longer periods but some family might even want to come along for a few shorter trips.  Guess we need to make sure the sofa bed will be comfortable in whatever rig we get.


Karen got a 9″ folding step stool she was needing for around the house.  This will come in handy reaching shelves in an RV as well.


My daughter’s in-laws, who are avid RV travelers, gave me this 15′ Valerra Dominator black tank hose.  It collapses and has solid connectors.  I’m sure they did all the research and I know they use the same setup on their RV.

Also received three books to read.  One was a large book titled Drives of a Lifetime by National Geographic.  The book highlights amazing roads we will be able to travel down while stopping at amazing places.  Karen got a book titled RV Traveling Tales by Jamie Hall and Alice Zyetz.  It’s all about women’s journeys on the open road.  Another book I received as a gift is titled Travels with Charley – in Search of America by John Steinbeck. I can tell this is going to be a good read.

We don’t have a rig yet and are not planning to get one anytime soon.  However, the urge to purchase one sure is eating at me.  I can see the value of making the purchase a year or two before going fulltime.

It was really nice getting with the family for a meal, board games and sharing time together.  Hope you all had a great holiday as well.

3 thoughts on “RV Related Christmas Gifts – 2014

  1. Mark,
    I know you have had campers before. I still would suggest you get one and go camping as much as you can. We found a great little hybrid and had a super time planning our freedom (Full Time lifestyle) for a couple of years before we were actually able to get ‘er done. It really helped in the learning curve of systems etc. All of these units use the same components and you care for them all in the same way with the same stuff. The Hybrid was a great deal and we actually made money on it when we sold it!!!
    That camping helped keep the dram alive also.


  2. Wayne, I’ve considered getting another camper. Friend of mine had a Hybrid and loved it.

    I don’t trust the truck I own right now to hold up pulling a trailer. I’ve been thinking about getting a used rig but was not sure if it would be a good idea to get a 5th wheel or older motorhome. We are leaning towards a 5th wheel when we go fulltime but can see benefits a class A has.

    I was reading another blog today and noticed how the writer was also waiting years to go fulltime. They bought an older gas class c and later went to a fifth wheel for fulltime.

    I’d want to pay cash for whatever we get as a temporary rig. As interest rates for savings accounts are terrible, we have been paying down against our home loan. I could see maybe getting that older rig instead of putting the money towards other things. Our home loan interest rate is 3.5% and is scheduled to be paid off before we go fulltime. I’ve had to justify paying down such a low interest loan. Our other debt is nearly paid off.

    I’m selling the older truck eventually, so perhaps we should give a motorhome a try so we don’t have to buy another truck for now. How does that idea sound?


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