Spreadsheet of Places We Might Visit

(Here is a link to the May 2016 update on this topic)

I posted on three forums a while back asking simply, “If you had eight years to plan for a future in an RV what would you do.” One of the better suggestions was to start a spreadsheet to keep track of places I heard or read about that we might want to visit.  So, I decided to take that advice and run with it.

I decided to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to include just a few basic columns with hyperlinks to places we might want to visit along with a few details others had described about those places.  I created individual sheets within the spreadsheet for each state. I had searched for spreadsheet templates regarding RV travel and found none.   I plan to use a simple ranking system with 1 being must see places, 2 being places we might want to visit and 3 being places we may consider.

For now the spreadsheet is used just to record places or RV parks we hear about.  I may expand it once we get closer to hitting the road.  While searching for spreadsheet templates, I found a couple of cool sites regarding RV trip planning. RV Trip Wizard is one I might want to check out a little closer once we start traveling.

I added a column for zip codes after playing with the spreadsheet a couple of days.  For now, I’d think zip codes would be a good way to sort the data.

Here is my basic spreadsheet with a couple of entries in North Carolina:
(Note: I’m changing the spreadsheet as I use it)

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8 thoughts on “Spreadsheet of Places We Might Visit

  1. We love winging it. Sometimes life throws you some curves and the best laid plans get thrown out the window. What we thought we were going to do versus what we’ve ended up doing are different. Life’s an adventure…. embrace it and enjoy!

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  2. I like the idea of winging it. I could see pointing ourselves in a direction and just going! I’ll be working on changing my need to be over prepared. I’m thinking that will happen with age. I already care less about some things that would have bugged me a few years ago. What I’ve done with the spreadsheet is add spots we might want to visit after hearing about them from several people. Karen and I watch a lot of documentaries on television and sit and talk about how neat it would be to visit them – so on the list they go. Assume it’s part of the “dreaming” portion of all this.

    Thanks for the comment Ingrid. I really appreciate it.


    • It’s good to have a “bucket list” for the road. Gives you something to look forward to.
      I had heard some time back that the four-corners monument had somehow gotten place somewhat off the true point. I’m not sure if it’s an urban myth or actually poor survey work?


      • Hi Tom

        Reading a lot of blogs is leading to a large list of places to visit. I can see why it takes years to get it done. I’ll have to get a list of your favorites, or better yet just meet you guys there – someday..


    • That may actually be smarter to some degree than having a spreadsheet because of all the extra typing required to add it to a spreadsheet. I read in a blog the other day someone was using Pinterest which I’m looking into. Today I added a place called 4 corners monument to our list. I’d never heard of the place before (4 corners of 4 states) until I saw it on the TV show How the States Got Their Shapes (awesome history show about states).


      • I figured that if my list got too big I can also separate them into states, much the same you have them on your spreadsheet form. We don’t have cable or internet TV but that does sound like an interesting show.


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