Purging – Trash Day is Tuesday

I deciding to spend a couple of hours this morning going through clothes I have not warn for a couple years.  I’ve done this before but this time is different.  This time I found myself thinking how this is part of purging for our future in an RV.

Tuesday is trash day.  I do my best to make sure the large blue plastic bin the trash company provided is full each week.  Full of stuff we can’t use later when we retire.  I know we have years to purge, however I’m starting new habits now and one is to stop storing junk on shelves, closet floors, under the bed or wherever.

Today I ran into a few items I’ve had stashed for some time now.  With each I found myself asking “if I had to get rid of this before leaving fulltime in an RV, how would I do it.” Several items were more important than others:

I saved greeting cards for years.  What’s important are the notes contained within each card.  I’d hate to loose them to a trash dump.  So – looks like I came up with a scanner project! If they don’t feed through the scanner easily I may use my phones CamScanner application for this.

Greeting Cards to Scan

Greeting Cards to Scan

As I was bagging old clothes between what is to be trashed or sent to a consignment store I noticed this hat on a shelf.  It was my father’s.  He passed a few years ago.  Guess you have to have hats in an RV also so it’s staying. Besides my brother’s head is to small to fit the hat so I can’t give it to him.

Dad's Hat to Save

Dad’s Hat to Save

It sure will be nice to get rid of these uniforms and suits someday!  I’ll be 55 years old in four years at which time I’m eligible for retirement from my job. I’ll have a short timer’s attitude by then – “I’ll be just one ass-chewing away from retirement.” I’m one of the lucky ones that loves his job -well most of the time.

Someday These Are Gone

Someday These Are Gone

Now here is one to think about.  Mom passed away and I was handed a bag of stuff like the visitation register. This was the first time I’d opened the bag since then.  Glad I found it.  Looks like another job for the document scanner with copies going to other siblings.  There is a binder that I can’t scan so that’s going to my youngest sister.  It will give us a good opportunity to reminisce.

Mom's Stuff to Give to Sister

Mom’s Stuff to Give to Sister

Oh wow, this sock organizer was a good find.  Big deal right?  It will be because Karen loves to find neat usable stuff like this.  I’ll be using it as a prop to get her more interesting in down-sizing. She may have a reason to shop for similar items once we go fulltime. She reads this blog so my plan will not be a secret for long. Yes Dear Wife, I know we have plenty of time to get it done.

Sock Organizer- Wife Likes It!

Sock Organizer- Wife Likes It!

I filled the trash can so the goal was met.  Ended up with a few items for the consignment store so maybe we can trade them out for some different clothes – that will be worn out by the time we hit the road.  The exercise also brought to light a few hard decisions that are going to have to be made over the years ahead. This was also the first time I used my cell phone to take photos and then inserted them in a post.

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