The Future of Gas vs. Diesel

Update February 2018:  Article concerning China’s adaptation of fuel cells for medium and heavy duty trucks. Right are wrong I have started dollar cost averaging into fuel cell market stocks and may once again check to see if any mutual funds or ETFs are available for diversification. It may or may not be long before fuel cell companies become profitable. They are getting closer each year. Invest at your own risk


Karen found this great article on MSN regarding the future of gas vs. diesel fuel. Thought I’d post a link because it was a good read.

 This brings up another great point concerning planning for a future years away.  What is the future of vehicle engine technology and cost/benefit of gas vs. diesel? What energy sources are in our future?

In the early 1800’s hydrogen fuel cells were discovered.  I’ve been following hydrogen fuel cell technology since the late 1980’s and even invested in a couple of stocks related to it.  While in college I had to write a paper on sustainable fuel sources.  At the time, I believed production of hydrogen with energy produced by hydroelectric sources was the way to go. The stocks have not taken off so it’s fair to assume widespread usage of hydrogen as an energy source is not going to happen very soon.

Hofmann_voltameter by johnpwarren - The Hofmann voltameter was one of the earliest voltage measuring devices. Now it is primarily an electrolysis device that separates pure oxygen and pure hydrogen from water.

You may have done the same experiment in grade school. If you hold the positive and negative side of a battery (small battery so you don’t get shocked) under water the bubbles that are produced are oxygen and hydrogen.

Liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are amazing power sources.  And, when you use hydrogen the resulting byproduct is simple pure water.  Could you imagine using this to take salt out of sea water?  The big issue is storage of the hydrogen and infrastructure to use it (such as gas stations with hydrogen pumps). Also, the cost to produce hydrogen, which requires other energy sources, is a bit expensive. None the less, I’m betting we will see hydrogen technology in the future.  A lot of big oil companies and car manufacturers are investing in it.

Sorry, I did not mean to write this posting as an advertisement for hydrogen fuel.

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