Learning and Planning

Waiting more than eight years (update – make that five years) to make the move (retire) to Our Future in an RV is far away.  Until then I’m learning and planning for the day to come.  To that end, I’m thinking hard about what decisions I can make today that will be applicable in the future. And of course, adding in a little dreaming to cure the itch to move ahead of the plan. We moved ahead of the plan – go figure.

So far, in terms of long range planning, it seems reasonable to have estimated a budget and expected income.  Again, areas I’m thinking are within decisions that stand the least chance of changing in the next NINE five years. Seems like with a little more research we might also be able to decide on the following as well:

  • Fifth wheel or motorhome.
  • Where we plan to visit the most and how long we plan to stay on average.
  • Gas or diesel.
  • Washer/dryer setup.
  • Sell the house or not (that decision is fairly solid as we never planned to retire in this house).
  • Length/size of RV.
  • Need to workamp or make money while on the road.
  • What if our daughter and her husband have a child – Plan B for new grandparents?
  • Buy a small trailer and take short trips until upgrading for fulltime? I’ve already owned two in the past.
  • Buy new or used.  Some have said buy used because we will not keep our first unit long.
  • Others say think of what would be the third RV you will own after going fulltime and buy that one first.
  • And other similar long term decision.

What did you decide upon early that worked as planned?

Okay, the hard part is what decision are reasonable to make today that have a higher probability of changing? What comes to mind are decision that are influenced by technology such as; solar, generators, wireless connections, cell phones and more.  I suppose, in order to plan financially, we should at least have an idea of the anticipated cost for these decisions – and wait to see what happens.

It has been fun doing all the research and I have not even made a written note.  Just browsing around for ideas and learning the vocabulary associated with fulltime RV life. Heck, I was even able to talk to a friend at work about DRV fifth wheels, siting the current three models.

It’s fun looking at rigs going down the highway and recognizing what others have considered units built as fulltime rigs. We are leaning towards selecting a fifth wheel for retirement.  We will be using, among other sources, our local annual RV show to help decide fifth wheel or motorhome.

For those who planned more than a few years into the future for fulltime RV living, what were the decisions you should have waited longer to make and if so for what reason?

Figure I’ll let my ignorance shine on future posts by writing about what I’ve been studying and let the experts shoot holes in my presumptions. Hay, maybe this blog can serve as my notes, to be edited by fine people like those that read it!

Mark from Missouri

Comments are Appreciated

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