9/10/14 – Planning Our Future in an RV Begins

Okay, my first post is dated 10/21/14.  So why title it 9/10/14. Because that’s the day of the final draft of our most current retirement plan in terms of how to finance our retirement.  I dusted off the old plan drafted back in 2001.  For now, I’ll be posting a lot of the content until Karen gets the bug to blog and adds her thoughts.

We decided seeing the great country we live in from an RV would be the way for us.  Our Future in an RV begins, give or take a few months, around February of 2023. Or earlier if we can save up the extra money.

I am eligible for a pension in 2018 and Karen could get early Social Security. For now we have decided to try and work until 2023 when we would be in better financial shape. (Update – Figured how much we would be short and have decided to save and leave as earlier as possible. Seems like 90% of people move up their date after a few months of planning)

Three things have become apparent and most liberating:

  1. We know how much we need to budget for our retirement plans rather than just saving as much money as we can and then the day to retire just creeps up on us. We found plenty of advise online as to what full-timing is expected to cost, added a percentage for inflation – and BAM – we have a budget to shoot for.
  2. Knowing we are going to be selling off most, if not all the “stuff” and our home, suddenly changed our spending habits in a positive way.
  3. Having a definite goal with a date assigned to it is exciting and gave us something to look forward to.

** If you are reading this blog from the start, please feel free to comment even if the topic is months old. **.     Thank you,

Mark from Missouri

10 thoughts on “9/10/14 – Planning Our Future in an RV Begins

  1. Hah – my wife and I have been thinking along the same lines (although we’re a bit closer to the retirement age) and have just started a blog of our own similar to yours! I’ll be following along with your thoughts. Thanks for letting us look into your lives.


  2. We are also in the preparation stages with one of us already retired and the other retiring in a little over a month. We realize that we don’t need as much as we think we do and should be fine with our new full-time lifestyle. Looking forward to sharing journeys as we follow along.


    • Thanks for following my blog. Really appreciate any feedback and comments you would have as you are ahead of us in planning and no doubt had to tackle the same decisions we are now facing. I had bookmarked a post you did on a RV forum and found your blog which is now bookmarked. Bet you guys are excited!


      Started the blog late last year and found it hard to give up a little privacy.


  3. Nice blog. I’m in almost the exact situation. Wife retires with pension Nov 2022. I can retire about a year early and begin the shopping process and work on other logistics for full timing. She should be able to leave her office and jump right into the truck with me and we are gone. I have many spreadsheets related to RV research and finances. I told my wife this has become my hobby and bear with me even though it’s years away. Once I mentally committed to this retirement/RV thing, our spending has changed (for the good), we have started to declutter and started thing in terms of 300 sq ft living vs what we have now. I’m slightly obsessed with the planning!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and the comments Ed. I can also see that we are alike while planning. I’m trying to learn as much as possible to better guaranty our success as fulltimers. Suppose one of fun parts is that there is no way I can learn everything about the lifestyle. That should keep it interesting.


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